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Should I Trade Edelman For Gio (Mixon Owner)? (1 Viewer)


Should I trade Edelman for Gio Bernard?

I’m pretty thin at RB with Mixon hurt and in the scenario that Bell comes back I’ll be skating on thin ice   

12 Team PPR Redraft


3 Points @ 100 , 150, & 200 yards rushing or receiving.  

2 point bonus for a rush 20+ yards 

3 point bonus for a rec 40+ yards 

QB - Mahomes 

RB1 - Mixon (James White Week 3)

RB2 - Conner 

WR1 - Julio 

WR2 - Tyfreak Hill 

TE - Reed

Flex - Mark Ingram (Enunwa Week 3)

DEF - Texans , Chargers 

K - Bryant 


RB James White 

WR Edelman 

WR Josh Gordon 

WR Enunwa 

WR John Brown 

TE Hooper 

Previously traded my David Johnson / Crowder / Luck for Julio Jones   

I don't think I would do it.  Gio is good for 3 or 4 weeks.  You have Ingram coming back.  Conner could be worthless next week.  You will need a wr for your flex.  

I would play White and see what happens.  Gio was on waivers not only because of Mixon, he is not that good.  

However,  If you are 0-2, then you probably need to do it.

Pull the trigger before the guy rescinds the offer!  Seriously, what do you have in Edelman?  Dude hasn't played since 2016 and is coming off season ending knee surgery.  You need depth at RB - I wouldn't be comfortable with just Conner & White the rest of the season if Mixon's injury keeps him out longer.  This is a low cost for a necessary handcuff.

I'd appreciate it if you vote/comment on my poll/question:




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