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Skills Challenge (1 Viewer)

King of the Jungle

I always enjoy watching it but missed it this year. I was wondering if there was anything noteworthy that somebody saw during the competition.


hall won fastest man

larry allen benched 224 43 times

bills punter moorman competed in the fastest man and obstacle course, did respectable

in the flag football, legends game, young and elway looked great. irvin was horrible, dropped a number of passes. the denver lb was really good, had some catches where he tiptoed his feet to stay in bounds.

Larry Allen was a beast. 43 reps?

Brian Moorman looked awesome in the obstacle course, but skipped the sled pushing part, "theres no way I can do that". Hes certainly a great athlete. Kept up with Hall and Bob Sanders on the 40 yard dash.

Krob and Jerome Mathis dropping passes in the obstacle course while LBs and Punters made the catches was hilarious.

Neil Rackers got owned by Shane Graham in the kicking.

Koren Robinson dropping the one short gimme pass in the obstacle course was the best part.

Torry Holt won the WR contest quietly among the Chad and Steve Smith hype. Looked so smooth just like he does on the field.


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