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Sproles (1 Viewer)

Very disappointing season. I'm having a hard time putting him in my starting lineup but I don't have much of an option.

Great game against Miami and since then he is less than a part time player. I thought he would be more a part of the gameplan with Graham not 100% but he did nothing and Thomas continues to get work. I guess he will have some production some games but good luck predicting which ones.

What happened to all of his targets mixed in with some runs? He was always one of the safest PPR backs with a high floor.

Anyone have any insight?

from what i could tell he never had a chance to run in space, bills d had a swarm around him ..... but they couldnt stop anyone else. sproles hasn't been 2011 or 2012 good, but prior to this week he was still 13th in RB points in my 0.5ppr league, not too shabby

He's been pretty disappointing this year. Expected a bit more from him. What gives?
4 receptions for 0 yards and not a single carry. In non-PPR leagues he scored the same number of points as I did.

Yeah I expected a little more than that...


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