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Start both Gibbs AND Montgomery!? (1 Viewer)


12-team, Non-PPR, Redraft, No-Flex.

I nabbed Gibbs in the draft, jumped out to a 6-1 start, and traded for Monty on the cheap while he was out hurt thinking I had a top-5 guy upon return. Now I'm staring down Gibbs, Monty, and Mixon for my two RB slots. Dare I start BOTH Lions RBs this week/each week? I feel like that limits upside...but if they're 50/50 and both popping off for 15+ a game, I'm not entirely sure that's even true. Worth noting, I have both Mixon and Chase, so starting the two of them is a round-about upside limitation as well.
Starting both Det guys will limit ceiling but should raise floor. You can use that based on your matchup and whether you need floor or ceiling that week. Bottom line I would try and look at each player individually based on their matchups and what your expectations are and then play the two you think will score more.

My guess is that Monty will not get the volume he got early in the year now that Gibbs has started to show what he can do so I would likely temper my expectations a bit. That probably makes me lean to using Mixon in most cases as he seems to be the only guy there getting any real touches.

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