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starting QB dilemma (1 Viewer)


10 team PPR league...need a win this week and not sure who to start @ QB... Cousin vs BUF or rogers @ WAS

i know, i know...go with studs...but rogers IS hurt and on the road...cousins is hot and @ home against a crappy team....UGH!!!

QB   rogers/cousins

RB   cook/kamara/conner/d. lewis/a. jones/drake/ j. kelly

WR   fitzgerald/thielen/cole/kirk/j. brown

TE   burton/kittle


K     tucker

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I'd look to trade one of them, for either a TE(who is Burke? Burton?) or a WR(priority here if I'm assuming correctly at TE) 

That said, I'd go Cousins this week. He's on a tear, and the Bills will present no issues at all. Both the Ravens and Chargers could have scored even more than they did, and the Bills just had a CB retire. 


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