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Steelers vs Raiders (1 Viewer)

Well there goes my pick up of Samuel's for my playoff game, giving it to Ridley.  But I'll take it, cant lose to freakin oak

So just like last week, Steelers cant figure out how to cover 1 player. How does this continue to happen.  It's  Jared effing Cook

GET RID OF BOSWELL!!!!Over this bull sh@@. How long are they going to put up with this crap.

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This is on the coach. Punter & FG kicker should have been gone by now. But no, let's wait until it cost us the season. @@@@@@@ morons

I am generally optimistic about the Steelers - but I just don't think they are a very good football team right now.  :kicksrock:

Boswell needs to be gone. What is really unfortunate is that it’s such piss poor timing. If you did this week 4 you get a chance to fail a few times now they need W’s, have two difficult matchups upcoming and if you make the playoffs you don’t know how the player responds to intense pressure.

*** Breaking News ***

In a game that ended 90 minutes ago, the Saints won a division in a conference that neither team plays in.

Samuels looks bad. Slow, not much vision, doesn’t run with power. Ridley should probably be in or, better yet, Trey Edmunds. 

If we find out that Ben was fine and they left Dobbs in the game because they were ahead I am going to be pissed but not surprised.  I mean it was only 4 ####### points and the offense was doing nothing.   Especially since they score on his first drive back 

It’s time to move on from Tomlin. He’s a doofus. His rah rah was good and refreshing after Cowher and now the circus is always in town. 


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