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Steve Breaston (1 Viewer)


Many owners were able to pick up Breaston when Q went down, and some of us probably held onto him in case Q reinjured himself. But, with Warner throwing it all over the field, Breaston has put up some good numbers even with Q in the lineup.

Where does he rank as far as starters go? I realize he is a WR3, but do you start him over guys like Avery, Morgan or L. Moore?

He seems to be getting a lot of targets and might be the teams best deep threat.

He could finish in the top 25 WRs if he continues his recent pace. He is WR29 in my big money league right now.

I'd say Monday nights game answers your question. If I had Breaston I'd have no problem starting him as a WR2, though ideally I think he is a WR3.

Honestly, I think the real question is whether it is safe to start Fitz with Boldin back (just kidding!)? In games where Warner goes for 3 TDs and 300 yards, they will each get "theirs", but if Warner comes down to earth, I am not sure whether you can properly project which one of the three has the advantage.

In week 10 here is how they fared (all worth a start):

Breaston - 7 for 121

Boldin - 7 for 92 and 2 TDs

Fitz - 8 for 49 and 1 TD

Here is week 9:

Breaston - 2 for 39

Boldin - 6 for 85 and 1 TD

Fitz - 6 for 81

Week 8:

Breaston - 9 for 91

Boldin - 9 for 63 and 2 TDs

Fitz - 7 for 115

Breaston had one bad week, but besides that, all three are starter worthy each of the past three weeks. The only trend I can gather is that Boldin gets TDs, Breaston does not and Fitz is hit or miss in the TD dept.


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