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Strength of Schedule and team defense differences? (1 Viewer)


I just spent some time going over Clayton Gray's Ultimate Strength of Schedule.  You would think the SOS may aid you in figuring out which weeks your position players will have favorable matchups, right?  After all, Clayton breaks it down by position.  Then, a few things jumped out at me:

- PIT D was rated 31st against RB's, and 28th against QB's

- NE D was rated 27th against RB's, and 25th against QB's

- SF D was rated 7th against RB's, and 7th against QB's

- CHI D was rated 9th against RB's, and 5th against QB's

Now, I know DEF ADP's are based on sacks, fumble recoveries, interceptions, safeties, and defensive touchdowns, as well as punt/kickoff TD's.  And yes, there are some leagues that factor in points/yardage allowed, but many are going away from that.  What blows my mind is how a team like SF can be 7th against the run and the pass, and have an ADP of DEF28.  Could they really be so good as to stop you from getting fantasy points, but so bad as to not creating any turnovers?  The reverse goes for a team like PIT.  They are almost dead last in giving up fantasy points to both RB's and QB's, but their ADP is DEF10.  Could they really be so bad as to allow you to get fantasy points, but so good as to create that many turnovers, or get that many sacks, or score that many TD's?

Granted, I do not use SOS when I draft.  But I bet many are using it for the subscriber contest, for weeks 14-16.  The chart lists BUF, SF, and OAK as 3 of the top 8 D's to avoid for your QB, but says to start them against NE, PIT, and HOU (all in the bottom 8).  Also, start your RB's against BAL, NE, and PIT (bottom 8), but avoid them against NYJ, SF, and NO (top 8).  Am I crazy, or does this seem weird?


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