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Sutton or Godwin (1 Viewer)


Now that Sanders is likely out for the ROS, I need to replace him at WR.

Would you start Sutton at SF or Godwin vs NO?  Leaning towards Godwin, but I could be talked into Sutton.  I just think DEN is going to just run the ball right down SF throat all day long.

Until yesterday, I wold have said Godwin, but I think I'd roll with Sutton now. 49ers can't stop anything, and Sutton has a lot fewer targets to compete against. That said, its basically a coin flip.

Godwin has the better pass offense. Sutton is the #1 yes, but he still has Keenum throwing him the ball and defenses can key in on him as the only real option in the passing game. 

Both should have a big game of targets, but I have Godwin more likely to score


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