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Finals lineup (1 Viewer)

Deranged Hermit

Not cool & Pissed
Well, I squeaked into the finals this week. Looking for some lineup advice.
14 team league, 4 point per passing td, 6 point per rush/rec. Everything else is standard.
First off, QBs. I have:
Dak vs Tennessee
Lawrence vs Houston
Goff vs Chicago
Definitely leaning towards Dak, but I hate starting players on Thursday. They always see to underperform.
Etienne vs Houston
Montgomery vs Detroit
Robinson vs Cleveland
Dobbins vs Pittsburgh
Dillon vs Minnesota
Etienne and Montgomery seem to be no brainers with Houston and Detroit's terrible run defense. I'll start my flex from this group as well. I'm leaning towards Dillon, but might change to Robinson depending on Aaron Jones' health.
Godwin vs Carolina
St Brown vs Chicago
Pittman vs NYG
Slayton vs Indy
Very thin here after losing Kupp a few weeks ago. I have to start 3 and Godwin and Amon Ra are easy choices. Leaning towards Slayton as my number 3 since I have zero faith Foles can get the ball to Pittman.
Whoo hoo, no choice to be made here
So, all in all, I'm looking at:
QB- Dak
RB- Etienne and Montgomery
WR- Godwin, Amon Ra, Slayton
Flex- Dillon
TE- Kelce
K- Gano
Def- Jax
Would love to hear others opinions please.
Really only have one change I would make. Detroits rush defense for the past few weeks had been good up until last week vs Carolina. Chicago got Herbert back so Montgomery may see less touches. Cleveland's rush defense has been terrible all year and Washington has been feeding Robinson in the right game script. I would play Robinson over Montgomery.

That doesn't mean Monty sits for sure as he could be in over Dillon. That is a tough decision but I think Dillon gets TD's chances against Minny in the cold and will produce. I would roll Dillon out there.

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