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This is the 8th year of a Dynasty League. 9 Teams, no roster limit, start 2QB, 3RB, 3WR, 1PK, 1D. Easy format, non-PPR, non-IDP, non-waiver wire. 2 supplemental/college drafts annually. 6pts for all TDs, 1pt for 20yrds pass, 1pt for 10yrds rush/rcvg.

My normal weekly line-up:

QBs - Schaub, E.Manning (Garrad for byes)

RBs - A.Peterson, Lynch, Slaton (LJohnson for byes)

WRs - Fitzgerald, Wayne, AJohnson (RMoss for byes)

K - Carney, (Mare for byes)

D - NYJs (bye done)

Complete Roster (* = college player):

QBs - Schaub, E.Manning, Garrard, Rosenfels, Kolb, A.Smith, Bradford-OU*, Sanchez-USC*, LefevorCMich*, Freeman-KSt.*

RBs - A.Peterson, Lynch, Slaton, L.Johnson, McFadden, F.Jones, F.Jackson, Omon, J.Davis-Clem*, C.Scott-LSU*, K.King-Georgia*, Spiller-Clem*, C.Scott-Colo*

WRs - Fitzgerald, Wayne, AJohnson, RMoss, CJohnson-CIN, Muhammad, JJones

K - Carney, Mare

D - NYJs

Pay-outs are:

1st = $1135CDN

2nd = $440CDN

3rd = $175CDN

PM me if interested,



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