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Team Changes/Rate? (1 Viewer)


0.5 PPR - 12 team - 1 QB/2 RB/2 WR/2 FLEX/ 1 TE/1 DST/1 K/7 Bench
QB: Herbert, Winston
RB: CMC, Montgomery, Gaskins, Coleman
WR: Jefferson, Julio, Chase, D Samuel, Fuller, Crowder, Hilton
TE: Goedert, Knox
K: Carlson

Trying to pick up Panthers defense (vs Jets) for Week 1 so I don’t have to put up Herbert & WFT (vs LAC). Should I drop Crowder or Hilton? On the side of Crowder but some forums have said that he may be valued more than Hilton?

Also thoughts on Carlson? Or picking up Panthers new kicker? And what do you think about this team at Pick 1?

Leave a link & I’ll help with your question - thanks. 



Assuming redraft? I’d probably drop Hilton if you want the extra defense. Indy has a lot of mouths to feed and TY has been fading the past few years. When I’m doubt, I ask myself which guy I think will stay on waivers just in case. My gut is Crowder is snapped up faster than TY. 

Kickers are dart throws. You never know. Don’t overthink it. Aim for a team that cannot quite ever punch it in. I think the Panthers score more TDs than last year, so fewer K points. 

Not a bad roster. Your WR would make me most nervous as Chase will eventually figure it out but is off to a slow start. Jefferson is solid but a lot of potential, but questions after him. 

Would appreciate thoughts: https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/799457-trade-for-parris-campbell/


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