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Texans vs Giants 1pm EST (1 Viewer)

Saquon Barkley reported to have a knee bruise, the team looks to be limiting his touches as Wayne Gallman Jr. and Johnathan Stewart have gotten more carries early.

Barkley has yet to come back this drive.

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Giants up 13-3, another Rosas FG. Saquon Barkley (9 car, 70 yards) still limping but did come back in the game. Giants look to have issues woth Houston targeting low on every tackle... Sterling Sheperd picked up a Unsportsmanlike getting in the face of Jackson for apparently taking offense to that.

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Engram banged up now too?

Any report here?
Engram got his ankle destroyed on a low hit... he's the 3rd Giant to sit a play due to ankle/knee hits. Engram has not come back since.


Evan Engram suffered a knee injury in Week 3 against the Texans.

He had one catch for 19 yards before leaving. Engram was quickly ruled out, so it's not a great sign for his status. The good news is Engram stayed on the sidelines and wasn't carted off. Rhett Ellison will pick up Engram's snaps.

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Well I just clearly screwed up by banking on Watson this year. Swung for the fences, oh well.

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Giants playing VERY conservative as injuries really messing up their gameplan. DeShaun Watson driving down the field could make this a nailbiter.

EDIT: Playing man to man with no spy seems very not smart.

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Eli to Sheperd TD with 2 minutes to go, Giants lead 27-15 and will get their 1st win.

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