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The Texans have addressed some needs in free agency. The Moulds pickup was big. Flannagan helps the OL a little. Sam Cowart helps the LB corps. Weaver helps with the transition to 4-3 D a little. It looks like a pretty safe assumption that Bush will be drafted with the first overall pick for the Texans barring a blockbuster trade which isn't expected due to the remaining RB talent in the draft. That would mean that all offensive skills positions are pretty much covered. Where do you see the team needs and what do you expect to see out of the draft for the Texans?

I think HOU needs another O-lineman in round 2. The skill positions are set, and the defensive backfield looks pretty decent. Sam Cowart is veteran leadership, not an answer - I see another LB in Houston through the draft, as well as a proejct pass-rusher in the later rounds.

they need Vince Young IMHO... I don't see ever amounting to much and they can't pass on Young and Leinhart and start Carr. O line in round 2. biggest help on D in round 3. Dom Davis is sweet

they need Vince Young IMHO... I don't see ever amounting to much and they can't pass on Young and Leinhart and start Carr. O line in round 2. biggest help on D in round 3. Dom Davis is sweet
If they hadnt just given Carr $8mil 2 months ago, this might be a possibility. Carr's got the talent, we'll see what Kubiak and Sherman can do with it.

OT--Pitts actually played decent LT last season, but Todd Wade is a disaster at RT. Weigert did better over there, but he's better suited for RG. If they can get a good OT then the line might actually look half decent, with Pitts, McKinney, Flanagan, Weigert, and rookie OT. Adding another body for depth/development wouldn't be a bad idea either. I really, really hope there's a good OT available at 2.1 because this offense could become pretty exciting if this line is solidified.

DE--Anthony Weaver was signed to man LE. He's solid but I doubt he strikes the fear of God into anyone. Antwan Peek and Jason Babin will battle at RE, and N.D. Kalu provides depth. I actually think Peek can be a good player but the Texans need a lot more in the pass rush department. It wouldn't surprise me if they try to find another pass rusher, but the signings of Weaver and Kalu may be an indication that this is one need that will have to be filled in next year's draft.

LB--Kailee Wong might/might not be ready for the start of the season, and I don't see Cowart as a long-term solution. Morlon Greenwood moves back out to weakside LB. I'd expect at least one, probably two LBs to be taken.

DB--Glenn Earl is the SS and C.C. Brown is a SS slated to start at FS. I'm fine with Dunta Robinson at one CB, but Philip Buchanon was a disaster at the other spot. DeMarcus Faggins took his spot but I'd feel a lot better if he was at least a nickel CB. I'd look for a DB with the 3.1 or 3.2 pick. A play-making safety and another CB are big needs.

Overall the offense appears to be a lot closer than the defense. I'm optimistic that Kubiak's coaching (man, Dom Capers was THE WORST) along with the addition of Bush, Moulds, Putzier, Walter, and Flanagan will help Carr get his career on track. Add a good OT at 2.1 and it looks like the offense is set. Another decent OG/OT would be icing on the cake. I don't think you can fill all the needs on this team in one off-season so they should definitely have another lineman or two high on their radar after they draft Bush. Then they can pretty much fill in with defensive BPA with the rest of their picks. That would be my strategy, at least. Maybe I'm just sick of boring-### Dom Capers' football and hoping for some shootouts at Reliant Stadium in the near future...

I see it similar to what others have said.

2.1 Biggest need is a tackle, whichever falls between guys like Winston or McNeill. If both are gone, possibly even a guard like Jean-Gilles. Only way you go defense here is if the O-line are gone and the next best guys would be there at your 3rd round pick.

3.1 & 3.2: Get another O-lineman and a defensive player, hopefully a corner. If you have two high enough rated defensive players, could go for 2 defensive players, but I really think we need to add some depth to the O-line. I'd rather see cornerback addressed here than linebacker because we do have a lot of depth (if mediocre) at LB, but we have no depth at corner. Though I'd be happy with any of CB, Safety or LB as long as they turn out to be an upgrade.

One thought I've been having about Todd Wade. Is he a June 1 cut? He's got 2 years of that 5 year contract under his belt. Houston Pro Football has his cap info as a $5.1m hit this year, with a $3.5m salary and $1.6m in bonus pay. I thought his signing bonus was $10m, which makes the bonus pay wrong if so. But figuring he's between $1.6m and $2m a year from bonus money, he'd have between $4.8m and $6m left as a cap hit.

Cut him after June 1 and you can cut the cap hit in half, which would be smaller than his salary. Does he get cut, or do they hang on to him as depth for another year and eat up a little more of that eventual cap hit? He can at least run block even if he is an atrocious pass blocker.

They need O-line help. As much as posible. 1 or 2 guys isnt going to cure their problems. Carr,Bush,DD,AJ and Moulds wont do nothing with out the help. Its that bad.

As far as I'm concerned this team should draft Bush then go nothing but Oline the whole rest of the way. They need some passs protectors in the worst way possible.

Is there any likelihood that the Texans give up Bush? If so, that really makes DD a nice buy low right now.

Is there any likelihood that the Texans give up Bush? If so, that really makes DD a nice buy low right now.
no one seems willing to give up what Bush is worth, so I doubt Texas would allow themselves to be lowballed.
Kiper's latest mock has us taking Bush at 1.1, Eric Winston at 2.1, Ko Simpson (safety) at 3.1, and LB Gerris Wilkinson at 3.2.

He has guard Max Jean-Gilles going at 3.3, which is a half round to a round later than most places I've seen seem to have him. I doubt the draft will necessarily go that close to what Kiper has, but I would absolutely be ecstatic about a draft of Bush, Winston, Jean-Gilles, and whatever other player would fill the biggest hole at 3.2.


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