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The 2nd Waiver Wire Run (1 Viewer)


Who are you guys waiting to scoop up when other owners go for the week 1 stars and completely abandon solid guys on their bench.

Off the top of my head owners might be panicky on:

Cecil Shorts

Dwayne Bowe

Lance Moore

Who else you got?

Not to get into a deek measuring contest, but are there really leagues where owners will be dropping Shorts and Bowe?

Wow, I'd be doing backflips if someone dropped Bowe or Shorts. I don't see anybody dropping that caliber of player. I could see maybe Chris Givens, Kenbrell Thompkins, Kenny Britt, maybe Jennings?

I don't think Bowe will be dropped this soon in most leagues just based on name recognition alone. He'd have to really stink it up for a few weeks for all but the most distressed/desperate owners to feel comfortable dropping him.

Shorts will have the, er, shorter leash but I also doubt he'll get dropped in many leagues.

Guys that will hit the wire this week are ones like Sudfeld, DHB, etc. Guys who were suspect to begin with and didn't show much in week 1. Owners short of patience or roster space due to injuries will drop them.

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