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The Audible LIVE! - 8/1/2013 10PM ET (1 Viewer)

Sell me on Jared Cook. We've all had our eye on him the last few years. How is this year any different? He's not going to line up in the slot much now that Austin is in the fold. He's got Lance Kendricks lining up at TE along with him. Where should he be drafted?

Hi guys.

Long time listener, first time questioner from over here in the UK. As a Colts fan, I've been reading alot of hype on Griff Whalen. Can you offer any comment on his skills, and any other WRs buried on depth charts that may be worth adding in deeper dynasty leagues? Thanks!

TE2 with Major Upside?

I have my eye on two players that seem to fit the profile: Julius Thomas & Travis Kelce.

I like the buzz I'm hearing from Cecil on Thomas in Bronco's camp as well as the reports on Kelce out of Chief's camp.

- Thomas has Peyton slinging it, but lots of competition for targets.

- Kelce could conceivably be target #2 or #3 by mid-season with Alex Smith as his QB.

Which of these two TEs seems more attractive from both a 2013 perspective as well as long-term as a potential Keeper? Thanks, guys...

[SIZE=12pt]17 Roster Spots[/SIZE][SIZE=12pt] - NON-PPR Keeper League[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]Start 1 QB / 2 RB / 2 WR / 1 TE / 1 Flex (RB, WR, or TE) / 1 DEF/ 1 K[/SIZE]

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[SIZE=medium]Guys, [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]I play in a 12 team Auction Keeper League. We can keep three players from year to year. This season, I am keeping CJ Spiller, Doug Martin and Jimmy Graham at awesome prices. As a result, I will have more cap room going into this year’s draft than the other owners. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]So my question is this: WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?! It is, of course, “to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.” A close second is dominating a fantasy football league. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]That said, how should I press the advantage I have in cap space and quality keepers? I can start up to four running backs (we have 2 Flex), and am tempted to go balls out and secure 2 more stud RBs. It’d certainly be bold to field a RB corp like Spiller/Martin/McCoy/Forte. Or I could have a balanced squad and grab a couple of stud WRs and/or a top tier QB (Megatron/Brees)?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]I’m guessing I can get 2-3 top-tier players before the rest of the league catches up with me. What combo of players would you secure? Or should I go for depth instead? How would YOU guys put a stranglehold on the rest of my league? [/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]Thanks and keep up the great work! [/SIZE]

Hey guy love the show standard FFL non PPR have the 4th pick in a 10 team

Which guy would u pick out of A foster vs L McCoy. Charles Peterson and p manning r first 3 picks



It is your third round pick and you have a player who is clearly at the top of your draft board. His ADP is in the fifth/sixth round. Do you pass on your top ranked player and try and wait another round to maximize value? Or do you stay true to your tiers? Obviously league mates will be a factor, but let's assume you're drafting with people you are completely unfamiliar with.

Carry-over from last week.

I would like each of you to weigh in on this one.

I always here you guys talking about anything you can do to "spice up" your league and also how information is no longer power since the explosion of the internet and social media.

Combining these two concepts, I have often suggested to my league mates that we outlaw all magazines, cheat sheets, tablets, laptops, smart phones etc from our live and in person drafts. Having to rely solely on the football knowledge in your head to draft your team. There is nothing worse than having someone snipe your sleeper (Hillman for me last year) just because he is next on their magazines list, not because they know anything about the player.

I know you are promoting the Draft GM App (I am beta testing the android version) but please give me your thoughts about a crutch-less draft....cool idea, no good?

Thanks! Love FBG and The Audible

I know you love using the term "moveable chess piece", but please adjust it, because it doesn't make sense and you're grinding my nerves with it. All chess pieces are moveable, the word you're looking for is "transmutable".

Speaking of Transmutable chess pieces, I'm surprised how little hype there is around james Casey, a guy who fits that bill snugly and got quickly snapped up by Kelly who loves to utilize that concept. (see:TZR position) With Maclin down I think we could see a ton of work for both Casey and the heir apperant to the role Zach Ertz. Any reason other than the cloudy picture in Philly we're not seeing either of these guys climb the boards?

Love the podcast.

Can you sell me on Victor Cruz. As you can tell I am a fan. Thinking of taking him 3rd round at #28 but that seems high, especially if a Fitzgerald, Cobb or Roddy White are sitting on the board.

I'm really worried in my dynasty PPR league, 14 teams. I got A. Foster, A. Bradshaw and R. Mendenhall as my top 3 RB:s. I've told myself a 100 times that Bradshaw or Mendenhall is gonna have a good season, but each day makes me more nervous about them. Soon I'll end up trading one of them for a bag of footballs only to watch him flourish. Please shed some light in my desperation and assure me that either Bradshaw or Mendenhall is going to have a terrific season. Please. :)

Oh and I absolutely love the podcast! Found it a few weeks ago, and its easily the best fantasy football podcast out there.

I know I'm 30 years old, but I'm finally on a contender. Any chance I could become one of the top 7 PPR fantasy RB's this season as a dirty bird?


Steven Jackson

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With Dez finally coming into his own, am I crazy to think it may open things up for me again this year?


Miles Austin

No one in the cafeteria will even sit next to Eddie Lacy for fear of being eaten by him. Any chance I take the RB job away from him?


Jonathan Franklin

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HI Guys,

Love the show don't ya know.

Could you talk about the IND WR Situation, Wanye was great (again) last year but is long in the tooth. TY lit it up a few times like Paris Hilton in a steamy video from some years back and DHB in now lurking about..... Brazil? just a waxjob? Any clarity?



Mugsey's Merkins über alles

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Hey guys,

Question here regarding possible bounce back players and tweaks to their offence.

Chris Johnson - Is he really that bad? Will the addition of Levitre and Warmack enable him to get back to his better days? How much will depend on Locker stepping up and the Britt being dominant again?

Ryan Mathews - similar question to Johnson. He took me to a championship 2 years ago. Is he really just a guy, or is the cast in San Diego that bad with that O-Line and Rivers declining.

Darren McFadden - Again, a player who I rode to a championship not so long ago. How much was his production hampered by the scheme last year and is that as big a problem as his injuries.

Thanks guys. Love all that you do to feed my addiction to Fantasy Football

Mike, Jacksonville, FL

1) RB/RB or GRAHAM/RB seems to be the strategy this year, especially near end of round 1. In mocks I've done when I pick near the turn (12 teams), if I go graham and RB, D. Wilson, Lamar Miller, or Gore are all there. In your opinion are the comparable to 2nd round RBs? If I go RB/RB near end of round 1, I never get gronk, but a combination of those 3 RBs are almost always there to fall. I've even tried going Graham/WR and I can still get one of those RBs. Am I weakening myself at RB doing that?

2) How do I convince leagues with shallow rosters (9 starters 15 total roster spots) to change their minds? I think it's weak because people just scoop up the flavor of the week on the waiver wire and it doesn't seem as strategic as drafting a roster of 18-20 and making trades

3) Is Blaine Gabbert your super, ultra sleeper QB of 2014? j/k

Wondering if you guys could explain your thought process for a keeper league. In my league we keep three guys in the round they were drafted. The catch is one player from any round can be kept. The other two must be comprised from the sixth round or later. I have AP(2nd), David Wilson(9th) , and Julio Jones(7th-my keeper for 2yrs) as my keepers. I draft 3rd overall (don't ask!). So my question is how do go about your draft strategy from there?

Thanks Guys LOVE THE SHOW!

Hey footballguys...what is the preferred draft strategy for TEs this year (12 team PPR, last third draft positions). After the top few are gone...who to target and where...best bets for sleepers (outperforming their draft position)..

Great Show...keep it up!


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