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The Audible - week 8 PREVIEW - part two (1 Viewer)

Couple questions for yinz guys

1) This is probably a stupid questions, but is Terrell Owens sittable vs TB with no Romo? TO's production the last few weeks has me PO'd, but I dont know if I can

pull the trigger and put him on my bench

My only legit replacements are Bowe and apparently a now GTD Cotchery

2) Since Saturday comes before Sunday, who do you like in the Penn St-Ohio State game this weekend? Also, outside of the obvious Beanie Wells and Laurinaitis,

any prospective NFL starter material on either of these teams? PSU's soph DE Aaron Maybin looks like he could be one of the next very good 3-4 rush OLB, and I

heard Mel Kiper V2.0 McShay is projecting Derrick Williams as a 2nd rounder, but that seems a couple rounds too high to me.

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