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I'd like to see Lewis in a different situation than Baltimore.


Fred Taylor will be in his final year under contract. I would have him restructure his contract for his final season. Then possibly cut him if he's not willing to restructure, depending on if someone new would be coming in. Greg Jones, 6-1 250, is an inch taller and ten pounds heavier than Denver MLB Al Wilson. I think he would be an awesome #2.

Green Bay

Samkon Gado looked impressive in about half of his starts for the Packers. Too bad he was injured in week 15. This puts questions on his durability, and his full recovery. Ahman Green? Who knows what will happen there either.


Michael Bennet? Good riddance. Mewelde Moore's YPC looked good for the season at 4.3. Moore had three games with over 20 carries, two of those being his only 100+ games. Those two games were against; New Orleans ranking 28th against the run, and Green Bay ranking 22nd. I think he has tremendous upside, but maybe not as the #1 back.

San Francisco

Kevan Barlow looked very unimpressive pre-injury. Averaging 3.3 yards per carry. Frank Gore had one 100+ yard game, also being the only game with 20+ carries versus Houston so that is excluded in actually counting towards anything. YPC 4.8 for the season, very impressive. Gore, similiar to Moore still has to show that he can be an every down back.


This would probably never happen being a division rival. Lewis would fit perfect with coach Cowher's coaching strategy. Pound.. pound.. pound.. tired LB's watch as Parker runs right past them(or watch Ward being wide open then running right past them).


This would probably never happen being a division rival.
Considering Jamal is an UFA, it is irrelevant. That said, I think Pitt is happy with FWP, and may just decide to get a complementary bruiser to replace Bettis.The team I've mentioned before as a possible fit is Carolina - in case Foster leaves himself via FA.

I'd love him to go to PITT.I hope BALT doesn't Tag him. If they wanted to keep him they would have played him more. They played him more at the end of the season to show him off. They will more than likely TAG him and try to get picks for him. BUT NOBODY is paying a #1 for him. INDY couldn't even get a #2 for EGDE!

I hope he stays in Baltimore and Billick vows to pass the ball. That will allow Jamal Lewis to become more accessible and surprise a lot of people when Billick returns to his bread and butter in order to save his own behind.


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