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The next knuckler (1 Viewer)

Tiger Fan

Pretty interesting reality show. 5 former big name college qbs compete to be the next knuckleball pitcherDavid greenJosh bootyJD bootyRyan perrilouxDoug flutie

This last episode had a 15 year old girl who was coached by one of the neikros throwing some sick pitches and really confusing the players

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I had a hard time staying awake for the premier. I have it on the dvr and I will try a few more episodes but I dont have high hopes.

This was a cool idea, I just wish they would have used undrafted college pitchers or guys that have flamed out in the minors or something. Flutie flakes was embarrassing. Maybe they'll use some real baseball guys (like Booty kind of) if they do it again.


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