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The Niners are 2-1 (1 Viewer)

A lot of the plays that happened today. If it were Warner, Bulger, or Kitna, they would have gotten sacked. JTO's escape ability definately makes him someone who might actually can stay injury free playing Martz style offense. As a bay area native, its nice being excited about bay area sports again!

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AnonymousBob said:
:confetti:Is anyone still doubting Martz's ability to churn out quality quarterbacks and offenses?
Take it easy...it was the Seahawks with no WRs and the Lions.
KellysHeroes said:
amazing turn around from last yr.... on both sides of the ball.
They've been my favorite team to bet on the past two weeks. Vegas hasn't quiet caught up.
We will see where they stand after the next 5 games which are tough: @NO, NE, PHI, @NYG, SEA (with starting WRs back)

I'd be surprised if they're nor 2-6, beating an offense-less Seattle and Detroit is nothing to thump your chest about.

@NO, NE, SEA (with starting WRs back)
those aren't world beaters
They will be playing NE after their bye after just being embarrassed at home. That's probably the least winnable game in that stretch. As a Niners fan, I only really expect to win the Seattle game.
Agreed. They could come out of this next stretch with a 3-5 record, and (assuming they don't get destroyed 42-7 every week) I'd be pretty happy with the progress they've made. Even against some awful teams, this is the best the offense has looked since the Garcia-Owens days.
The truth is if this was last season's team, they'd be 0-3. I know they played some awful teams, but we were even more awful last year. Seeing progress is nice.

Well they were 2-1 last year.
FAIL- They were a lucky 2-1 last year. They were completely unable to sustain drives and give the defense a rest.
They also didn't play a seattle team startings scrubs and the lions who couldn't be beat a mediocre college football team at the moment...
They beat AZ by 3 points in Week 1; beat STL by 1 point in Week 2, got crushed by PITT in Week 3.This year's team is better. The Niners have not won a game by more than 14 points since 2003. And they've played some pretty horrible teams since 2003.

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