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The playoff push (1 Viewer)


Some of us are already looking towards the playoffs

Who should we be targeting to help us win it all?



I know Sony has looked bad, but his week 14, 15 and 16 schedule is tasty, KC, Cincy and Buffalo.  You can probably get him pretty cheap right now, even after his semi blowup game on Monday.

Same with OBJ;  Cincy, AZ, Balt

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 I contemplated starting a thread very similar to this........

I am looking for people I can pick up very cheap, that would turn into potential league winners/ KING MAKERS.    Generally people are trying to find that in running backs, but point explosions can be had at other positions as well.

That aside, a few I am trying to acquire are -

 WAYNE GALLMAN JR. -  Yeah I know, its "Wayne F'N Gallman".  But look, Saquon Barkley has already been gimpy. Where it gets interesting, is if you take a look over their end of season schedule.   WEEK 14 - @ PHI , WEEK 15 - MIAMI , WEEK 16 - @ WASH .   Get a load of that, in the fantasy playoffs.   Suppose the NYG lose about 4-5 more games between now and then, and are completely out of it. If Barkley so much as gets a hangnail, he should be shut down at that point since the NYG will be out of it, if they aren't already. Sure, they won't lean on him like they do Barkley, but everything else considered he could be a point machine in the playoffs, and you can get him free of charge right now....or you should be able to any day. The Saquon owners have mostly abandoned him seeing as hes only 14% owned on YAHOO.

 RYQUELL "ROCK" ARMSTEAD -  Again, this is a scenario that would take an injury. But check out the workload Fournette has been getting. Its unreal the carries he has been getting, and I'm betting if he goes down, Armstead would get a bunch of work also. (To the extent Fournette is???? doubtful, but still) Armstead is a big bruising back, that should get goal line work then too. Fantasy playoffs???? Check .   WEEK 14 - CHARGERS ,  WEEK 15 - @ OAKLAND , WEEK 16 @ ATLANTA.   More fantasy playoff schedule juiciness. Here is another back, that is merely  1% OWNED ON YAHOO. I can't believe hes owned much more than that anywhere, except dynasty rosters.  If you are a Fournette owner and don't have him cuffed right now with Armstead , then don't come back here #####ing if something happens to Fournette.  Oh yeah, Fournette,.......... does he have an injury history?????  :lol:

DK METCALF - This isn't exactly as you would think.  He certainly hasn't been lighting it up thus far. But again, here is a scenario where an injury would thrust his stock up dramatically. TYLER LOCKETT  hasn't exactly been the bastion of health in his career.... and by all accounts he is having a good season so far too. Since Dissly is now gone, what would happen to Metcalf if Lockett gets hurt? I'm not wishing injury on anyone, but these things do happen in our fantasy world, and Lockett isn't exactly Mr Durability.  If something happens to him, everyone in the world will be trying to acquire him.  I snagged him in 2 leagues, in one he is behind Lockett (on my bench) and in another he is on the bench as well, being alternated in and out as my WR3.

 ROBBY ANDERSON - Here is another you can get dirt cheap.  The best part of this is, he will likely STILL be dirt cheap after they face JAX this week. But then in week 9, he sets off on one of the best schedule runs I have seen in many years.  WEEK 9 and forward -  MIAMI, NYG, WAS, OAK, CINCY, then MIAMI again. It isn't quite as good in weeks 15-16 (BAL/PIT)  but by then he will hopefully have helped carry you to the playoffs.  I never liked trusting this guy as he is such a hit and miss type player, but the schedule is amazing.  I have him on the bench in a league, waiting to slot him in as a WR3 when the time comes.

 EVAN ENGRAM - I can't imagine buying low on this guy, as everyone already pretty much universally agrees he is a top 5-ish play going forward.  But if you can capitalize on him since he missed week 6, THEN put up a nightmare line of 1 reception for 6 yards last week, then by all means get him.  Same thoughts as the Wayne Gallman playoff schedule I pointed out earlier.


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That Giants schedule is why Im not too upset that I took Barkley over CMC

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Id sell Chiefs especially Mahomes… NE, DEN, CHI


Team Smokin'

Doesn't handcuffs, like you stated TZMARKIE become a lil more prevalent in building the lineup during the second half of the season. I mean, sure, handcuffs are always important, but we now have a lil clearer picture moving forward. If I owned Kamara, Barkley, DJ, Zeke, etc, I'd want Murray, Gallman, Edmonds, and Pollard on my bench. To an owner who somehow picked up someones backups and played them, they are worthless bench fodder unless they are playing defensively and don't want the other owners to have them. 

I just happen to own all four of those guys and slowly I will be looking to acquire the handcuffs. I have Gallman. I had Murray, but short bench (4) forced my hand. I didn't foresee the Edmonds explosion. Perhaps Pollard is another add in my other league with Zeke.

One team also has Lockett and Metcalf on it when I lost Dissly. Not sure how long I can hang onto Metcalf, he's not even trade material right now, unless he catches fire and scores some crazy TD highlight lol. Then decide where to booster perhaps another handcuff. 

Two players that will make or break my season are Mahomes and Kamara. I have thought about trading Mahomes for Wilson straight up?

Bottom line is creating value and most points wins.



I know Sony has looked bad, but his week 14, 15 and 16 schedule is tasty, KC, Cincy and Buffalo.  You can probably get him pretty cheap right now, even after his semi blowup game on Monday.

Same with OBJ;  Cincy, AZ, Balt
I can see Harris being fantasy gold those weeks...I have a hard time seeing Michel and that balky knee staying healthy all year


Ministry of Pain

One guy that stands out at RB with a cake schedule Weeks 14-16 and mind you, this team cannot be trusted right now however...

Mark Walton-Miami Dolphins




All those teams give up FF points to RB. Cin#1, NYG#5, NYJ#7 currently

Guy is available on many waiver wires but you are taking a leap of faith, even if he starts getting 15+ touches weekly hard to trust him. 


Ministry of Pain

Jacksonville has a soft pass schedule Weeks 13, 15 and 16 including Tampa Bay, Oakland and Atlanta. The Chargers are Week 14 and they are not world beaters but grade higher than the league average. 

Minshew has been consistent in my league outside of one week but then I hear Foles is practicing. 

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Michael Herndon, TE Jets.

Sometimes people just forget about a hurt/suspended guy. Dissly, for example, did good in a few games his rookie year 2018. But everybody forgot about it. Some thing for this Herndon. Example: I got to pick him up in my one league this week - right off the waiver, no questions asked. I'm just spit-balling here, but the guy in your league might sell him to you pretty cheap.

If you need any reason to like a Jets TE guy, consider all the hype he got before everybody forgot about him. Makes you think he's got some talent. Recently his qb said this offense will be unstoppable when he comes back - which makes him actually a miracle in a football uniform. Then again maybe Sammy Darnold is exaggerating. Doesn't matter, even if Herndon is just ok, or only kinda bad, he will still get butt-loads of targets by virtue of every other pass catcher on this team being pretty terrible.

One more thing, the playoff schedule: Dolphins, @Ravens, Steelers, not really too bad.

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