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The Revis factor Week 6....... (1 Viewer)

T with T

Anyone crazy enough to bench Desean this week as he will be head to head with Revis most of the game..... I see this as a low point game for Djax but having hard time pulling the trigger for Nicks in a ppr league.... Any thoughts, input, or analysis on the situation and how you think Djax will fare sunday with Foles, and being followed around by Revis all day????

I was going to bench him for Terrance Williams but if Miles Austin is starting I think I will play him.

well geezus so I should def bench him for Nicks if that's the case haha... Only good thing is TB uses zone cov more then man to man so they don't Use Revis skillset well, sorta how the raiders used Dmac and philly used Nnamdi..

Maybe purely coincidental, but through 4 games this year that defense has scored 42 fantasy points, last two years before that it was 32 points to this point and 27 points in 2010. They have allowed 72 points this year, 91 last, and 77-80 the two years before. Without really getting into individual matchups I'd say something is working for that defense this year and Revis just might be a part of that. With a new QB I'm thinking of playing them over Denver--but then they're pretty close in ppg with our league scoring anyway,

eta-lost track of the question here--Desean might not be match-proof but if I had him I'd likely be playing him anyway.

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Starting DJax and Foles this week with no worries. TB offense should be giving some short fields to work with. Eagles have the 2nd best offense only to Denver and they didn't skip a beat when Foles came in last week.


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