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The teams that Lose their final game (1 Viewer)


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After the last week of the regular season, only one team finishes their last game with a win. So each of the losers have that "long look in the mirror" even if they played well.so lets hear them.IndyNew EnglandDenverCincyJacksonvilleCarolinaNew YorkChicagoTampa BayWashingtonAnd the superbowl loser will all look at their teams and say "we need to do this" to get better.Well, what is "this"As a Dolphin fan, I see a few teams here that really don't need to do anything, but I want to hear it from y'all.

For the Patriots, I think a loss in the play offs show that they are human. Injuries hurt this team and the running game was not as affective this year. I think they need to get the running game back in gear. If Dillon is not the answer, get the right person to grind out 20 carries a game. The secondary is improving, but still needs work. Those two areas I would want to fix in the off season. Nothing you can do to try and keep players healthy.I think the Patriots will need to improve next year because they will not have such an easy time in the AFC East. I see the Dolphins going in the right direction.

-Bears-(obviously) Need to improve the passing game. If Grossman remains healthy (crossing fingers), and can start clicking with WRs Moose & Bradley, it'll be a huge help. They basically went all season without #### for a passing game. It can't get any worse, and they had a pretty solid season, so I'm hopeful for Chicago next fall. Even though the Bears lost to Carolina, it was great to see Rex put together three TD scoring drives over 60 yards. I don't believe that happened all season.

Colts:1 Take some of the offense away from Manning's control. This doesn't work in the playoffs and the sooner the coaching staff and management figures this out the better.2 Work on the OL - especially the OGs.3 Get a competent RB to replace Edge and hope he can pass-block and get the tough yards in short-yardage situations4 The D still needs lots of work - and needs to work on blitzing so they can do it effectively when they need to. 5 The special teams were horrible this year - that needs lots of workI don't see how 1-5 gets done in one off-season

Cincy:Immediate Concerns:Get Healthy. Played almost the whole season without either of the starting safeties, then lost Carson Palmer to the knee injury. The starting center is more robot than man at this point.Continue to build the defense. The D-Line must be addressed this offseason.Get a punter, preferably one who can kick off.Settle the QB2 situation.Within 2 seasons:Groom replacements for the right side of the O-line.Find a TE who can both catch and block, not one or the other.


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