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The Wheelhouse 3rd annual NFL Playoff Contest (1 Viewer)

QB: P. ManningQB: T. BradyRB: S. AlexanderRB: M. AndersonRB: C. PortisWR: S. SmithWR: H. WardWR: J. GallowayTE: J. ShockeyK: S. GrahamDef/ST: JaguarsDef/ST: BearsTiebreak: 59(edited to changed D/ST from Bengals to Bears...oops)

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QB - Tom BradyQB - Carson PalmerRB - Shaun AlexanderRB - Edgerrin JamesRB - Tiki BarberWR - Hines WardWR - Rod SmithWR - Joey Galloway TE - Chris CooleyK - Robbie GouldDef/ST - Panthers Def/ST - Jaguars Tiebreaker - 51

QB: Tom BradyQB: Jake PlummerRB: Edgerrin JamesRB: Tiki BarberRB: Shaun AlexanderWR: Chad JohnsonWR: Hines WardWR: Joey GallowayTE: Chris CooleyK: Josh ScobeeDef/ST: Chicago BearsDef/ST: Carolina PanthersTiebreaker: 52 points

P. ManningT. BradyC. PortisS. AlexanderM. AndersonS. SmithC. JohnsonH. WardJ. ShockeyJ. ScobeeChicagoTampa BayTiebreaker - 52 (sorry about that)thanks

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QB: Tom Brady NEQB: Peyton Manning INDRB: Shaun Alexander SEARB: Tiki Barber NYGRB: Clinton Portis WASWR: Steve Smith CARWR: Chad Johnson CINWR: Joey Galloway TBTE: Heath Miller PITK: Elam DENDef/ST: Chicago, CHIDef/ST: Jacksonville, JACTie-breaker: 48

QB:Peyton Manning INDQB:Tom Brady NERB:Shaun Alexander SEARB:Clinton Portis WASRB:Tiki Barber NYGWR: Steve Smith CARWR: Chad Johnson CINWR: Hines Ward PITTE: Jeb Putzier DENK: Josh Scobee JAXDef/ST: BearsDef/ST: BuccaneersTie breaker: 47

QB: Hassleback QB: BradyRB: Rudi JohnsonRB: Caddy WilliamsRB: Thomas JonesWR: HarrisonWR: Steve SmithWR: Hines WardTE: ShockeyK: John HallDef/ST: DenverDef/ST: JacksonvilleTie breaker: 60

QB: P.Manning (Ind)QB: T.Brady (NE)RB: S.Alexander (Sea)RB: C.Williams (TB)RB: C.Portis (Was)WR: C.Johnson (Cin)WR: H.Ward (Pit)WR: S.Smith (Car)TE: J.Shockey (NYG)K: J.Elam (Den)Def: JacksonvilleDef: ChicagoTiebreaker: 48 points

QB:Peyton Manning INDQB:Tom Brady NERB:Shaun Alexander SEARB:Thomas Jones CHIRB:Tiki Barber NYGWR: Steve Smith CARWR: Chad Johnson CINWR: Rod Smith DENTE: Chris Cooley WASK: Jeff Reed PITDef/ST: TBDef/ST: JAXTie breaker: 39

QB: Peyton ManningQB: Tom BradyRB: Rudi JohnsonRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: Tiki BarberWR: Joey GallowayWR: Steve SMithWR: Santana MossTE: Heath MillerK: Jason ELamDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: JacksonvilleTieBreaker: 47 points

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QB:Peyton Manning-ColtsQB:Jake Delhommme-PanthersRB:Rudi Johnson-BengalsRB:Thomas Jones-BearsRB:Shaun Alexander-SeahawksWR:Hines Ward-SteelersWR:Rod Smith-BroncosWR:Joey Galloway-BucsTE:Jeremy Shockey-GiantsK:Adam Vinaterri-PatsDef/ST:Jacksonville-JagsDef/ST:Washington-Redskinstiebreak:53 pts.

Warsteinner entryQB: Tom BradyQB: Matt HasselbeckRB: Tiki BarberRB: Edge JamesRB: Mike AndersenWR: Steve SmithWR: Chad JohnsonWR: Santana MossTE: Heath MillerK: Josh ScobeeDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: TampaTie: 44 pts

rzrback77 contest rosterQB: Tom Brady - New EnglandQB: Jake Plummer - DenverRB: Tiki Barber - NY GiantsRB: Edge James - IndianapolisRB: Shaun Alexander - SeattleWR: Steve Smith - CarolinaWR: Chad Johnson - CincinattiWR: Joey Galloway - Tampa BayTE: Chris Cooley - WashingtonK: Josh Scobee - JacksonvilleDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: PittsburgTiebreaker 55 points

QB Peyton ManningQB Matt HasselbeckRB Tiki BarberRB Mike AndersonRB Corey DillonWR Chad JohnsonWR Steve SmithWR Santana MossTE Heath MillerPK Josh ScobeeDEF ChicagoDEF Tampa BayTie Breaker: 35

QB: Peyton ManningQB: Jake PlummerRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: Tiki BarberRB: Jerome BettisWR: Chad JohnsonWR: Deion BranchWR: Steve SmithTE: Chris CooleyK: Josh ScobeeDef/ST: Chicago BearsDef/ST: Tampa Bay BuccaneersTiebreaker: 58 points

QB - Manning, INDQB - Brady, NERB - Alexander, SEARB - Barber, NYGRB - Jones, CHIWR - C.Johnson, CINWR - S.Smith, CARWR - R.Smith, DENTE - Cooley, WASK - Scobee, JAXD - Steelers, PITD - Buccaneers, TBTiebreaker: 45

QB:Peyton ManningQB:Tom BradyRB:Shaun AlexanderRB:Tiki BarberRB:Clinton PortisWR:Steve SmithWR:Joey GallowayWR:Chad JohnsonTE:Heath MillerK:Jason ElamDef/ST:Chicago BearsDef/ST:Jacksonville JaguarsTie breaker: total points scored in the Super Bowl: 51 :football:

Fill this roster with one player from each teamQB: C Palmer (Cinc)QB: T Brady (NE)RB: S Alexander (Sea)RB: E James (Indy)RB: M Anderson (Den)WR: S Smith (Car)WR: J Galloway (TB)WR: H Ward (Pitt)TE: C Cooley (Wash)K: J Feely (Giants)Def/ST: JacksonvilleDef/ST: ChicagoTiebreaker: 66 points :boxing: -QG

QB: Peyton Manning, INDQB: Hasselbeck, SEARB: Rudi Johnson, CINRB: Tiki Barber, NYGRB: Dillon, NEWR: Galloway, TBWR: Rod Smith, DENWR: H. Ward, PITTE: Cooley, WASK: Scobee, JAXD: CarolinaD: ChicagoTiebreaker: 55 points

*THIS DOESN'T COUNT**OPPOSITE JUST FOR FUN*Looking at this askew you notice some guys appear on almost no lists. With that in mind I tried to make a reasonable "opposite" pick. Guys who will actually play but might not produce - though I had to do 1 per team, so Dillon is there (3.6 ypc) - there are a TON of good RBs on these playoff teams. WRs and TEs had to have at least 1 TD and reasonable playing time (I really tried to go with a top-2 WR if at all possible). Denver's defense rates horribly in this scoring method, Washington, mediocre. It'll be fun to see if this lineup ends up being the best :popcorn: QB1 - EliQB2 - SimmsRB1 - F TaylorRB2 - D FosterRB3 - C DillonWR1 - R WayneWR2 - B EngramWR3 - A Randel ElTE - M SchobelK - R GouldDST - WashingtonDST - Denver-QGAgain This one's NOT my official entry (See above). So with that I'll give a tiebreaker of 25 (-5^2). I just thought it'd be fun to see if going against conventional wisdom shows anything :) To be consistent with my criteria (top 2 WR on his team who's scored at least 1 TD, I put in Wayne for Stokely - Wayne only has 5 TDs and I'm sure will be an unpopular choice in this game of conventional wisdom :) AGAIN THIS ONE DOESN'T COUNT :)

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QB: Brady

QB: Plummer

RB: Tiki Barber

RB: Edge

RB: Shaun Alexander

WR: Steve Smith

WR: Hines Ward

WR: TJ Houshmanzadeh

TE: Cooley

K: Josh Scobee

Def/ST: Tampa

Def/ST: Chicago

Tie breaker: total points scored in the Super Bowl 51

Peyton ManningPlummerAlexanderTiki BarberPortisSteve SmithChad JohnsonBranchHeath MillerScobeeBearsBucsTiebreaker: 59

QB: Peyton Manning (IND)QB: Tom Brady (NE)RB: Shaun Alexander (SEA)RB: Tiki Barber (NYG)RB: Thomas Jones (CHI)WR: Chad Johnson (CIN)WR: Steve Smith (CAR)WR: Santana Moss (WAS)TE: Heath Miller (PIT)K: Jason Elam (DEN)Def/ST: Jacksonville (JAX)Def/ST: Tampa Bay (TB)Tie Breaker: 51

Those of you who forgot, please edit your posts to add the tiebreaker score, else I'll be forced to give you -5^2.(I trust this thread will be locked upon kickoff of the first game)

QB: Tom Brady (NE)QB: Jake Plummer (DEN)RB: Thomas Jones (CHI)RB: Shaun Alexander (SEA)RB: Clinton Portis (WAS)WR: Steve Smith (CAR)WR: Hines Ward (PIT)WR: Marvin Harrison (IND)TE: Jeremy Shockey (NYG)K: Matt Bryant (TB)DEF: Jacksonville (JAX)DEF: Cincinatti (CIN)Tie Breaker: 47

qb-Manning Coltsqb-Brady Patsrb-Alexander Seahawksrb-Anderson Broncosrb-Parker Steelerswr-Johnson Bengalswr-Galloway Bucswr-Smith Pantherste-Cooley Redskinsk-Feeley Giantsdef-Jaguarsdef-Bearstiebreaker-47

QB: Jake PlummerQB: Carson PalmerRB: Edgerrin JamesRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: Cory DillonWR: Hines WardWR: Joey GallowayWR: Steve SmithTE: Jeremy ShockeyK: Josh ScoobeeDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: WashingtonTiebreak: 54 points

QB) TBrady NEQB) PManning IndRB) SAlexander SeaRB) TBarber NYGRB) CWilliams TBWR) SSmith CarWR) RSmith DenWR) HWard PitTE) CCooley Was K) RGould Chi D) Cinn D) JaxTiebreaker: 58pts

QB: Tom BradyQB: Peyton ManningRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: De'Shaun FosterRB: Clinton PortisWR: Chad JohnsonWR: Rod SmithWR: Hines WardTE: Jeremy ShockeyK: Josh ScobeeDef/ST: Chicago BearsDef/ST: Tampa Bay BuccaneersTB: 55

QB: ManningQB: PalmerRB: AlexanderRB: BarberRB: DillonWR: S. MossWR: S. SmithWR: WardTE: WrightsterK: ElamDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: TB Tie breaker = 54

QB: PalmerQB: Peyton ManningRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: CaddilacRB: PortisWR: MuhammedWR: Steve SmithWR: Rod SmithTE: ShockeyK: VinatieriDef/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: Jacksonvilletie breaker: 57

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QB - Tom BradyQB - Jake PlummerRB - Shaun AlexanderRB - Edgerrin JamesRB - Tiki BarberWR - Steve SmithWR - Chad JohnsonWR - Joey GallowayTE - Chris CooleyK - Jeff ReedDef - JacksonvilleDef - ChicagoTiebreaker - 79

QB: P. Manning, INDQB: J. Plummer, DENRB: T. Barber, NYGRB: S. Alexander, SEARB: C. Dillon, NEWR: C. Johnson, CINWR: J. Galloway, TAMWR: H. Ward, PITTE: C. Cooley, WASPK: R. Gould, CHIDEF: JAXDEF: CARTiebreaker - 48

QB: Peyton ManningQB: Tom BradyRB: Tiki BarberRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: Thomas JonesWR: Hines WardWR: Rod SmithWR: Steve SmithTE: Chris CooleyK: Josh ScobeeDef/ST: CincinnatiDef/ST: Tamba BayTie breaker: 62

QB: Brady NEQB: Hasselbeck SeaRB: James IndyRB: Barber NYRB: Portis WAWR: Chad Johnson CinWR: Ward PitWR: Galloway TBTE: Mangum CarK: Elam DenDef/ST: JagsDef/ST: BearsTie breaker: 62

QB -- Peyton Manning and Tom Brady

RB -- Shawn Alexander, Tiki Barber, and Rudi Johnson

WR -- Hines Ward, Steve Smith, and Jimmy Smith

TE -- Chris Cooley

PK -- Jason Elam

DEF -- Tampa Bay and Chicago

Tie Breaker -- 60 points

Thanks Wheelhouse!!! :thumbup:


ETA: tiebreaker

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QB: Carson Palmer CINQB: Tom Brady NERB: Willie Parker PITRB: Shaun Alexander SEARB: Clinton Portis WASWR: Steve Smith CARWR: Rod Smith DEN WR: Marvin Harrison INDTE: Jeremy Shockey NYGK: Josh Scobee JACDef: ChicagoDef: Tampa BayTie Breaker: 46 pts

QB IND Peyton Manning

QB NE Tom Brady

RB DEN Mike Anderson

RB SEA Shaun Alexander

RB NYG Tiki Barber

WR TB Joey Galloway

WR PIT Hines Ward

WR CAR Steve Smith

TE WAS Chris Cooley

PK JAX Josh Skobee



Edit to add SB total score of : 68

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QB: Peyton ManningQB: Carson PalmerRB: Shaun AlexanderRB: Tiki BarberRB: Corey DillonWR: Steve SmithWR: Jimmy SmithWR: Hines WardTE: Chris CooleyK: Jason ElamDef/ST: Chicago BearsDef/ST: Tampa Bay BuccaneersTiebreaker: 67

QB - P. ManningQB - BradyRB - BarberRB - AlexanderRB - T. JonesWR - C. JohnsonWR - S. SmithWR - WardTE - CooleyK - ScobeeD - TampaD - DenverTiebreaker = 51 :boxing: (Chicago - 27 Indy - 24) :boxing:

QB: Brady N.E.QB: Plummer DenRB: James IndRB: Barber NYGRB: Alexander SEAWR: Steve Smith CarWR: Ward PitWR: Johnson CinTE: Cooley WashK: Bryant T.B.Def/ST: ChicagoDef/ST: JacksonvilleTie breaker: 52

COOL!QB: Payton Manning INDQB: Carson Palmer CINRB: Sean Aleaxander SEARB: Cory Dillon NERB: Tiki Barber NYGWR: Steve Smith CARWR: Hines Ward PITWR: Santana Moss WASHTE: Kyle Brady JAXK: Jason Elam DENDef/ST: Chicago Def/ST: Tampa BayTie breaker: 74

QB - Tom BradyQB - Jake PlummerRB - Thomas Jones RB - Tiki BarberRB - Shaun AlexanderWR - Steve Smith WR - Hines WardWR - Reggie WayneTE - Chris CooleyK - Shayne GrahamDEF - Tampa Bay Bucs DEF - Jacksonville JaguarsTiebreaker - 48

QB- T. Brady, PatsQB- P. Manning, ColtsRB- Alexander, Sea.RB- Barber, NYGRB- T. Jones, BearsWR- Smith, CarWR- C. Johnson, Cin.WR- R. Smith, Den.TE- Cooley, WashK- Reed, Pitt.Def- JacksonvilleDef- Tampa BaySuper Bowl pts.- 45

QB - Tom BradyQB - Carson PalmerRB - Shaun Alexander RB - Tiki BarbarRB - Edgerrin JamesWR - Steve SmithWR - Hines WardWR - Joey GallowayTE - Chris CooleyK - Jason ElamDef - JacksonvilleDef - ChicagoTie Breakers - 60 pts

QB - Tom BradyQB - Jake DelhommeRB - Tiki BarbarRB - Shaun Alexander RB - Edgerrin JamesWR - Chad Johnson WR - Hines Ward WR - Rod SmithTE - Chris CooleyK - Josh Scobee DEF - Tampa Bay Bucs DEF - Chicago BearsSuper Bowl Pts - 37pts

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QB: P. Manning (IND)QB: T. Brady (NE)RB: S. Alexander (SEA)RB: C. Williams (TB)RB: M. Anderson (DEN)WR: M. Muhammad (CHI)WR: H. Ward (PIT)WR: C. Johnson (CIN) TE: J. Shockey (NYG)K: J. Kasay (CAR)Def/ST: WASDef/ST: JACTie breaker: 51

QB - Manning INDQB - Plummer DENRB - Alexander SEARB - Dillon NERB - Portis WASWR - Ward PITWR - C Johnson CINWR - Galloway TBTE - Shockey - NYGK - Gould - CHIDEF - JAXDEF - CARTie-Breaker - 58

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QB: P. ManningQB: BradyRB: Caddy WilliamsRB: AlexanderRB: BarberWR: WardWR: C. JohnsonWR: S. SmithTE: CooleyK: ScobeeDef/ST: Denver DDef/ST: Chicago Dtiebreaker 42.4


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