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This Thread Contains All the Great Blues Songs (1 Viewer)

All these guys are solidly fixed in my top 10.

Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (you'll never confuse his fingers with someone who shall remain nameless)

Hound Dog Taylor

Cedell Davis

R.L. Burnside ... had the good fortune to see Mr. Burnside play live.

Junior Kimbrough

Ted Hawkins ... There is no prettier Blues voice

Some contemporary artists. I've had the pleasure of seeing each of these guys (and gal) live except for Warren.

She's Alright. Doyle Bramhall and Gary Clark.

Shake 'Em On Down. Samantha Fish covers this one on a cigar box guitar. If you don't care for the music at least watch it for the legs.

The Thrill is Gone. Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes with Soul Live. Unfortunately Derek's volume is a little low in the mix but it's still good.

Man of Constant Sorrow said:
Otay...I got some more low hangin' fruit, that needs to be here - so - I'll take the easy shots first:

Muddy Waters - Mannish Boy (Audio)

I remember this song from my pre-teen years - b4 I even really knew what the blues were. We used to make up our own lyrics to this and sing. (Don't worry - I won't do that here.)

EDIT: Upon listening, I heard ... "well - well - well" - which is an RL Burnside catch phrase. Anyone know if there was an influence here (either direction), or was that phrase a common blues one?

Slim Harpo I'm a King Bee

Another song I knew from b4 I really knew blues.

I learned from deese guys ---------------> Jake & Elwood
Mannish Boy from The Last Waltz

Slim Harpo is criminally underrated. Scratch My Back

Excello Records  recorded that group of what is known as....Swamp Blues, this was a Louisiana gang consisting of...

Lightnin' Slim

Lazy Lester

Slim Harpo

Silas Hogan

Lonesome sundown


Love this.


In the early 40's this guy made a huge impact, this is Jump Blues.


This was first recorded in 1931, but I couldn't find that original, this ain't bad.


This will be the only time I linger a little off topic, but this really is a must see.


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Some of the great blues duos were....

Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie (married) Zeppelin covered ...Leevee Breaks

Tampa Red and Georgia Tom Dorsey

Leroy Carr and Scapper Blackwell

Brownie McGee and Sonny Terry

Geechie Wiley and Elvie Thomas

The Baxters

The Two Poor Boys

But none sounded any better than these two.


They were more solo but played together a lot.

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msommer said:
This may be too new (version, not the song)

Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

Just to show there are still young (and living) people in the game!
Love to know how they became aware of Skip James. Any young people today being interesting in stuff over 80 years old, very cool.

As fair as a female/females trying what is considered an unusal blues (James was unique) they nailed it.

Remind me of Rory Block.


Cover of a Willie Brown blues, he recorded during the same time as James. Brown only one record, James far more output.

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Skip James had a different sound, nobody really like him in them blues. yep, unique.

His Devil Got My Woman and this one true classics of the genre, if at least one of them isn't on that Essential/Difinitive/Best of  CD, they are lying.


Chris Thomas King one of the big names in current blues.

Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones loved this guy, adored him actually. Huge, influense on him.


Apparently his mom and the great Robert Johnson had a fling to the point of Robert living with her for awhile, story goes he taught young Elmore some gee-tar.

James is considered to be one of the very best blues slide man, if not THE best.

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"Mail Time Blues"

woke up this mornin;'

bout the breakaday

expecting a letter from my baby

so far away

I gots them mail time

don't know what to do blues

the post man came and went

nothing in my mail box

I began to weep n'  moan

no letter from my baby

sumthing must be wrong

I gots then mail time

don't know what to do blues

gee-tar solo break

maybe tomorrow

a letter from my baby

 saying she'll be home soon

no more cryin' no more gloom

I  gots them mail time

don't know what to do blues

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Was just coming to post this but you beat me too it.

This IS the best blues song ever written.
Have you heard every blues song ever written?

Yes, that is considered to be among the greatest blues ever recorded,  here is that 1930 original.


There are a few others blues in the running however.




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No place in the song to we hear....Viola Lee...mentioned.


The Grateful Dead do a great cover, and the tune I learned to play the harmonica, got me started anyway. Noah Lewis one of the first great harmonica men in them blues.

Probably the best known of the prewar Alabama blues cats, he was also a harmonica man.


Jimi Hendrix on an acoustic gee-tar


Willy Deville


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