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Thoughts on AP's dynasty value (1 Viewer)


I'm just curious as to others interpretation of AP's value in a PPR dynasty. Coming into this year, I think its safe to say the MAJORITY of people around here rated him #1 or #2. I personally rated him #1. Compared to last year, he is off to a more modest start, but have people changed their opinions of his talent and his potential? I ask because today this trade was agreed to in a dynasty league. I don't think there is anything close to collusion, I'm just well, kinda shocked. Assumed AP had a MUCH higher trade value. What do you guys think about this?

Team A gives:

Bulger, Marc STL QB

Peterson, Adrian MIN RB

Taylor, Chester MIN RB

Fasano, Anthony MIA TE

Team B gives:

Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB

Hightower, Tim ARI RB

Cotchery, Jerricho NYJ WR

Jackson, Vincent SDC WR

Maybe I'm just over valuing AP, but he showed me too much last year to think he's only worth this...right? :excited: And for the record, I like Hightower a lot, I think Edge is done, and he has a great shot at being the man in Arizona.

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Team A is getting robbed. No matter what you trade Peterson for, it's going to look like you're on the losing end, but I'm sure he could have done a lot better.

Aaron Rodgers has considerably more dynasty value than Bulger IMO

Cotchery has considerably more dynasty value than Chester Taylor

Vincent Jackson has more dynasty value than Fasano

Adrian Peterson has a ridiculously higher dynasty value than Hightower

Not a rape job IMO IF you're a Hightower believer. There are quite a few.

I think the AP owner maybe could have gotten more, but he did get a big time QB, two solid WRs and a young rookie RB with a lot of potential. If Hightower pans out the guy trading AP may have gotten the better end of the deal by far... time will tell.

I think that that was decent value for Peterson. Seeing how he's addressed a number of positions, I'm assuming the owner's overall roster factored into his decision.


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