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Time for reflection (1 Viewer)


There's still 6+ weeks left in the season, but for most it's either football time or time to battle. I'm still very much in the thick of things in 2 of my 5 leagues, but things are looking bleak in my other 3. It's going to take a monster finish to push for the title in all of them, not impossible but...probably less than a 10% chance.

So, where did you go wrong? and where did you go right?


#1 - Albert Pujols. I traded him away in one league for Anibal Sanchez during a period in which it looked like he may play through the foot injury, but I still didn't trust him. Couldn't get anything of value in my other two Albert owned leagues. I was forced to trade for Chris Johnson in one league and Konerko in another. Oof. Choosing him over Encarnacion was a back breaker.

#2 - Average issues. I thought I did the right things to avoid this issue that I seem to mis-value each year...and I did it again. Longoria, Hamilton, Austin Jackson, Asdrubal, Starlin, Heyward, David Murphy...I drafted a few average issues per usual but the idea would be I would have the guys to offset them. And, I did not. At this point, too late to fix. Probably going to sink me in one league, one of a few issues in another.

#3 - Misusing middle relievers. For the most part I used them correctly, but I got too aggressive in one league. I usually don't use middle relievers until midseason, but since I had open spots on my roster I used middle relievers earlier than I usually do. Created a big hole in my ratios doing so and just haven't clawed back from it. Lesson for next year, don't use middle relievers until June.

#4 - Phil Hughes. Curse him. I bought into his last 4 months of 2012 (before fatiguing at the end anyway) as him turning the corner and lumped in the same tier as Mike Minor and AJ Burnett. What a massive mistake that was. Him, coupled with the misused MR's above, destroyed me in one league. In another he had some help from my closers Papelbon, Ernesto, and Axford.

#5 - Austin Jackson. I thought he was prime to blow up this year (.310/120/20/70/25), and things looked good early on, but he has not been the same since he went down with the hammy. Instead of being a plus in three cats and passable in one he has only been a plus contributor in one cat.


#1 - Building a cheap pitching staff. Mike Minor, AJ Burnett, Matt Garza, Justin Masterson, Hyun Jin-Ryu, Doug Fister, a few months of Kyle Kendrick, Travis Wood, Dillon Gee, Tony Cingrani (act 2), streaming, etc.. My non Phil Hughes leagues have treated me well.

#2 - Under valued veterans. Carlos Beltran, Michael Cuddyer, Nate McLouth, Carlos Quentin, Torii Hunter, Brian McCann, etc.

#3 - Under valued OF's. See, above.

#4 - Cheap steals. Everth Cabrera, Eric Young, Nate McLouth, even DJ LeMahieu, and now Jonathan Villar. Same story, different year. SB's are always cheap and easy to find.

In summary, I think I had the right approach going into drafts. Wait on pitching, OF, veterans, and SB...see what slips. Power and infielders take priority. I need to improve execution next year though. Pujols instead of Encarnacion, Starlin instead of Han Ram, Rutledge instead of Kipnis, Frazier instead of Machado...too many mistakes in the infield.


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