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Time Warner Cable HD Feed? (1 Viewer)


I have Time Warner Cable and live in NYC, for some reason, my network HD channels are often blacked out during NFL sundays and I am forced to watch the games in a very grainy standard definition. Anybody else have this problem? For example, right now, NBC, FOX, and ABC are all blank when I tune into the HD channels. What gives??

i called charter about the crappy HD feed and was told it was my box. later the local channel announced they were having issues due to sunspots.

I'm having same problem only happens on HD channels.

They go along fine for awhile and then start "blacking out" or making loud noises and going grainy and then to black for 10 seconds and then back to normal. It happens intermittently and different times of the day...etc....nothing in common except a bad feed.

I've had Time Warner "techs" <sic> out several times and they will not admit they are having a problem.

Anyone else having these same issues? I just bought a new 47" HDTV and this is nuts and exhasperating :mellow:

i have time warner nyc--didnt have any problems yesterday with channels blacking out but have had that issue before. just reset the cable box


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