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OK, 10 man PPR (1pt), TD bonus of 40+ = 1pt, 50+ = 2 point, Yards bonus 100-199 = 5pts 200+ = 10pts , Keeper league, my keeper is Zach Ertz for my 12th round pick. Melvin Gordon and Kareem Hunt are both taken as keepers. I have the 3rd pick, with this huge injury to the Cowboys offensive line. Do I  still take Zeke at 3 assuming gurley and bell will go 1 and 2. Or do I go David Johnson who's looking really good and will be work horse. Thoughts please. 

I would take DJ.  I have him as #2 behind Gurley in PPR.  I have a bad feeling that Bell will miss quite a few games this year. 

AZ lost their center so their line isn't much better so I wouldn't take the line in consideration for either team. The top 4 guys are all somewhat interchangeable. AZ has a better passing game so it will be harder to stack the box against them so based on that I'd lean towards Johnson.

I'm in the same boat with the #3 pick. Feel like I'm leaning towards DJ. I'm in a standard league though.

With PPR I’d go DJ. Dallas has a mediocre QB and below average receivers. Teams are going to stack the box against Elliot, and make Dak throw.


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