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Too many DBs. Need to trim fat (1 Viewer)


I’m in a 31 man roster (+2 IR spots) full IFP dynasty league. Start 1 qb, 1 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, 1 k, 2 dl, 2 lb and 2 DBs. I like to only keep 3-4 of each defensive type to free up roster spots for offensive players.

Currently at rostering at DB:
A Winfield (age 24, viewed as a clear weekly starter beginning of season)
J Chinn (on IR spot last few weeks - age 24, top rookie DB last year and a stud at position - coming off IR shortly which is forcing me to do something)
Jordan Poyer (age 31 and not playing much the last few weeks, a top DB last year)
Budda Baker (another owner dropped him with the Q tag and I picked up, likely will swap into IR spot with Chinn healthy again)
DeShon Elliott - picked up off waivers earlier this season, #8 PPG DB thus far, needed with injuries to others, and then was injured himself
Jordan Whitehead - waiver pickup with all 5 others hurt and missing time to be able to still field 2. He is on bye this week making for an easy drop.

Even if I drop whitehead who is on bye, no guarantee that I’d have 2 other DBs playing this week as baker is out a few weeks with ankle, poyer and Winfield were both late week scratches week 9, chinn may be out yet another week with the Thursday game - so may need to pick up another just to have second starter.
Poyer is injured and likely not worth keeping at his age. Typically DB's are a dime a dozen so I usually churn them throughout the season and it has served me well. Hopefully it works well for you to swap Chinn and Baker as Baker has a high ankle sprain and will be out for multiple weeks.

Winfield was out with a concussion for this week so he should be back soon so that should help.

If you have to drop someone it would be Whitehead then Poyer (based on his elbow injury - if he is back then I hold him) for me. Part of it would also depend on who you are replacing them with (ie - why do you need to drop them).

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