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Torry Holt throws O-line under the bus (1 Viewer)


Holt calls out Rams offensive line Sep 19 2:11:00 p.m. PT 2008

(Rotoworld) Torry Holt called out the Rams' offensive line after Friday's practice, questioning the front five's pride.

Analysis: He forgot to mention Tye Hill. "Those guys, the offensive line guys, have to continue to take more pride in what they're doing," Holt said. "They have to continue to take a stronger initiative, a more sense of urgency to keep No. 10 (Marc Bulger) off his back. If he continues to get smacked around, we won't be seeing No. 10 for long." The wheels are coming off fast in St. Louis.

:thumbup: to Torry Holt

Actually I think this will help. I'm not a Ram fan, but am a former St. Louisan (grew up there) and read the st louis paper everyday.

Support for the Linehan regime evaporated at the end of last year and the only reason the Rams have him back is that Georgia Frontiere wanted him to have one more shot with a healthy staff in 2008. Then she died and her kids took over. While they are not "football people" they seem to be smart people. God knows, if it was my mother I would not have changed it this year either.

Having said all that, it looks like the Rams have given up on Linehan. Why he brought Saunders in to completely revamp the offense is a mystery to me. You would need far more time than he has to implement a complex offense. I think it speaks more to his boneheadedness than anything. The best he can hope for is a veteran like Holt to call out players to play more inspired football and buy him a little time.

This is truly Linehans last straw to grasp and if they dont respond you'll see another coach there by week 8. Oh, and Linehan might want to start calling plays that give the players a chance to succeed. Havent seen many of those.,

here's the full article if you want to read it.Todays post dispatch

Looks like Linehan says the same tired lines and Bulger tries to be diplomatic but Holt is just out there with it. As he should be. He might be the only Ram left with a ring on his finger and knows how seriously lacking this club is. Again I just get a bad feeling that the players cant wait till Linehan is gone and I cant blame them. Last year he acted like that guy who got the VP job in corporate america who could hire all his friends and sit in his office playing freecell all day. There were plenty of articles in the off season about how Linehan understood he had to clear out his unproductive cronies and get the job done if he wanted to keep his job. There were even quite a few references to the FOSL group who permeated Rams Park. This was known as the Friends Of Scott Linehan in the local paper.

Linehan will throw more people under the bus as he goes down than Holt will in his entire life.

We didn't need Torry Holt to show us how bad this O-line is. We weren't really in the dark, they've been under the bus.

they already got run over and had their bodies dragged behind the bus for past two games (longer, extending back to last season)...

Whatever it takes for Holt to score. As our newly relegated #3 WR a TD every other game would be nice.

Was hoping for three (3) top WR's this year, yet with the Rams woes it's tough hanging on to Torry.

Marques Colston / S Moss

Calvin Johnson

Torry Holt

In other words, can't hurt any, can it? Like the story of the farmer and his son...good luck, bad luck...who knows?

Good decision, bad decision...who knows?

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Whatever, these are professionals, not 7 year old pop warner players. Anyone watching those games can tell that the o-line is playing like garbage. They deserve to be called out on it, it's poor job performance.

Don't play like crap, and people won't say you're playing like crap (although that's not really what Holt was doing here anyway).

How is anyone construing this as negative?
It's a push. Torry very tactfully used the word "continue" in his statements: "continue to take more pride...", "continue to take a stronger initiative...". That's as positive as he can make it. The author of the article--maybe more accurately--says "has to step up...".
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They need to do something and their problems start at the line. If they don't get it straightened out (which I don't believe they will) their season is over and Holt knows it. He wants to win.

Don't mean to hijack this thread... but I feel bad for Torry. He is an elite talent, old time player that used to be on a winning team. He's very frustrated and handled this pretty well.

On the other hand, this team needs to admit its rebuilding to themselves and the NFL. They have some new receivers coming up.. I say they ship Torry out next season (which im sure he really won't mind) get a draft pick or a linemen and im sure they'll have a high draft pick for another one. Their O-line is terrible, their receiving core isn't really that strong either aside from Torry and Avery does look promising. Either way they should get rid of Torry not because he's terrible, but their going to be a losing team for the next 2-3 seasons regardless.. why make him go down with the ship... get some value while he still has it and move on.

Thumbs up for Holt. All he is doing is his job as a veteran team leader. Sometimes, when someone (or a group of someone's) is screwing up, they need to get their butts chewed out. We are much too PC of a society if a firm but true critical assessment is taken as tossing someone under the bus.

If Holt has said, "Man do these guys suck, can't we replace them, they are getting people killed back there," THEN he would have been throwing them under the bus. (The above statement is just as true as Holt's way of putting it).

they already got run over and had their bodies dragged behind the bus for past two games (longer, extending back to last season)...
Yeah, I was going to say that the bus driver barely noticed a bump with that o-line. This isn't Portis running his mouth about a pretty decent veteran unit - it's obvious to anyone watching that the o-line in StL is awful. I'm still not sure that calling guys out is the right thing to do when talent is the issue, as I think it is with that group, but maybe a shakeup will help. God knows it can't really hurt much at this point.

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