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Trade advice - giant 32-teamer (1 Viewer)


I am babysitting a franchise in a 32-team "homer" league that was completely abused by its former owner. Like, the guy traded away 1sts for garbage repeatedly and the franchise has been in the garbage can for several years.

I own the 1.02 and have an offer for it. Achane (3 year deal), Jonathan Allen (2), Tyrique Stevenson (3) and $17 in blind bidding bucks (we get $50 annually) for the 1.02 and Malcolm Koonce (2)

I assume MJH is going 1.01, so I would be looking at the next-best WR (Odunze / Nabers?) since it's a "homer" league where you get the "Team QB".

Odunze / Nabers are a couple tiers below Achane, but the 3 year deal isn't great and I figure I'll be rebuilding this junk team for another 2 years minimum anyways. Part of me thinks it's smarter to just draft the rookie where he can simmer on DTS until I need him.

I mean it's an ok offer but if you can put 1.02 on the Taxi Squad and not start his clock it's probably the right way to go if you are that far off from contending
It is basically 1.2 for Achane and not even considering this offer without the ability to keep the WR for longer. These guys are studs and have way longer career than Achane will have who will always be in some kind of RBBC. Easy decline. Goal is get 1.1 next year. I might trade 1.2 but it is to get more picks in this draft only. I only use Achane if you feel you could get more for him but I am doubting.

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