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Trade Joe Mixon for TY Hilton? (1 Viewer)


I'm strong at RB but hurting at WR.

Yahoo 12 team, .5 PPR
I'm 2-1, third most point.


Patrick Mahomes KC - QB
Ben Roethlisberger Pit - QB

Melvin Gordon III LAC - RB
Christian McCaffrey Car - RB
Joe Mixon Cin - RB
LeSean McCoy Buf - RB
James Conner Pit - RB
Sony Michel - RB

Corey Davis Ten - WR
Alshon Jeffery Phi - WR
Josh Gordon NE - WR
Devin Funchess CAR - WR
Quincy Enunwa NYJ - WR

Jesse James Pit - TE

Sam Ficken LAR - K
Cleveland Cle - DEF

I would keep Mixon and move one of your other backs, also as beer said, Luck has no arm strength. 

If you are set on moving Mixon, try to get a better WR or package him and another WR for a stud

I'd do Conner for Hilton, or as the others have said shoot for a slightly better WR for Mixon. I agree you could afford to lose Mixon, but I'd want more than Hilton


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