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Trade WR1+RB2 for RB1 (1 Viewer)


16 team PPR auction draft, with 3 keepers plus a rookie draft which turns into a 4th keeper...a long time long lasting league

I as well as many others am light on RBs.  Luckily I am heavy on WRs.  There is one lucky SOB  with Saquon Barkley, David Johnson, & Zeek but J. Gordon is their WR1.  

Who thinks if I trade Hopkins + D. Henry for D. Johnson it would be amicable fore both parties?  Or is it too heavy of a give for me to part with

I have

QB:  Big Ben/T. Taylor

RB:  Henry, J.Williams, Riddick, Chubb

WR:  Green, Hopkins, Baldwin, J. Brown, Godwin

TE:  Doyle

DST:  Jags/Pats

K:  Boswell

On the surface it seems fair but I still wouldn't do it. Hopkins could easily be the top WR this year and Henry has great long term potential while Johnson has offensive line issues.

Nuk + Henry seems like overpaying.  I agree with @cjv123, try it with Green first.  Or if you really want to be shrewd, wait until Baldwin has a blow-up game and try to do Baldwin + Henry for one

Hopkins + Henry is a bit too much. Green + Henry might be more like it but still might be too much. The thing is once you make the trade you are really still left with one great RB and after the trade now you would have lost either Hopkins or Green. I just don't know about that.

Are there salaries that matter at all being auction?

Putting the names into draft picks, it's roughly 1.04 for 1.09 and 3.05. That's a little steep for me. Hopkins straight up doesn't get it done in terms of pick value, but perhaps Hopkins and Williams?


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