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Trading question? (1 Viewer)


12T .5ppr 3 keepers. 

 Besides pos. need, what is everyone looking for when doing a trade? Value or projections? Dynasty value? ROS value. There are several pages to look at and the league dominator. They all differ. What is fair?

Just pulled a  trade off and it has me doubting it. 

My team- Burrow Mixon Gibson Drake JavonteWilliamJefferson Jones jr R.Moore Boyd Waddle Landry Andrews Kmet

Traded Mixon Andrews for Stafford Edmonds Godwin and J.Smith


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Trades are born out of many many different things.  Sometimes there's a particular player you want, or one of yours your opponent wants. Sometimes it's simply "I think I am buying low on this guy because I expect better". Sometimes it's selling high. etc. etc.  

When trying to make a trade, I personally often start with either a positional need of my own, or a surplus, then I go browsing.  If I've got WR depth to spare and think I need a better TE, then I'll go look at who's got good TEs AND may need WR help.  If my QBs are crap, then I'll go see if anyone has one to spare, and what might they need that I can offer.  I don't typically decide "I want to go buy Mike Evans" because more often than not, that guy's team isn't compatible with mine and then you're trying to force a trade, which either becomes wasted time/energy because it doesn't work, or you overpay to get the guy you're enamored with.  

As for what is fair, you can use trade calculators to get you in the ballpark but remember the overall premise of trading:  Your goal is to make your team better.  It's your team.  If you think it helps you, and you can sell it to the other guy, then go for it.  It doesn't matter who wins a trade.  If it makes you better, then you win.  If it makes the other guy better, then it's a good trade for both sides and it's likely you'll deal again in the future.  Fleecing people isn't the goal, because typically they'll only ever let you do it once, and they'll never talk trade with you again.  Good trades are good business.  


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overall value that looks like a good trade. however, depending on your starting lineup requirements, you got upgrades at QB & WR, downgrade at RB & TE. so i see why you question it, any value calculator probably will say that was a good trade, but RB & TE positions imo are higher value than the other two, especially in non-redraft formats, so perceived value isn't quite there. i wouldn't call this a loss by any means though, so seems like a matter of preference at this point.


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