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Trading Swift for Dell (1 Viewer)

Hurl Bruce

I'm sitting in a PPR league with this: And my potential trade partner is in the second column.

S. Howell
G. Smith
Running Backs
B. Hall
J. Warren
D. Swift
R. Stevenson
T. Allgeier
Z. Moss
Wide Receivers
A. Brown
C. Kupp
D. London
R. Doubs
J. Jeudy
Tight Ends
T. Hockenson
L. Jackson
Running Backs
J. Gibbs
D. Achane
D. Singletary
K. Mitchell
K. Herbert
A. Gibson
E. Mitchell
Wide Receivers
T. Hill
T. Dell
D. Metcalf
D. Johnson
Z. Flowers
J. Williams
Tight Ends
T. McBride
What's a fair deal? He's interested in Swift. Is Swift for Dell a fair swap? I think Swift for Metcalf is not enough compensation for me.
Since he's the one coming to you and you don't think Metcalf is enough and Dell is then I would tell him you want Dell and see what he says. It's fair

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