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Travis Henry restructures (1 Viewer)



Titans, Henry reach restructured deal

The Titans agreed to terms on a restructured contract for running back Travis Henry last night, according to the player's agent.

The Titans avoided paying the $4 million option Henry was scheduled to collect as the veteran agreed to a multiyear, incentive-laden deal.

Henry rushed for 335 yards in his first season with the Titans, who traded a third-round pick to the Buffalo Bills for the former University of Tennessee star.

"Travis is bending over backwards to make this work because he really believes in the Titans," agent Hadley Engelhard said. "Based on what happened last year he wants to show the Titans what he is all about."

Henry missed six games last season, including a four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy.

I thought that one of the major issues of the expiring CBA was that incentives accelerated to this season? I assume that the Titans know what they're doing though and that there must be something I'm missing.

Off-topic slightly, but I remember that the Bills took quite a beating from a lot of people when they decided to get rid of Henry. Seems like they made the right choice. I'm not so sure that Henry agreed to restructure because he loves the Titans so much. I think that he probably didn't have a choice. If he didn't restructure I bet he would have been cut. And with the glut of RBs out there right now, there's the very real possibility he would have ended up either without a job or making league minimum as a backup somewhere.

I think this has to increase his fantasy value. I was thinking he would be cut and trying to break in somewhere else. With just Henry and Brown in Tennessee I think we probably see RBBC.

Does anybody think he can get back some of his lost ability and put some decent numbers up?

I recently took over a Dynasty Team with him as one of my RBs, and I can't make up my mind on how I think he is going to do this year.

One toke away from a year suspension.

Just like the other players that are this close... hard to place him in a position of power (unless Shris Brown gets injured and forces the move). He'd have to stay clean for over a year or two before a team believes in him again. (See Ricky Williams last year...)

Some players change their ways (Jimmy Smith, etc).. but not all.


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