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TY Hilton a Game-Time Decision vs SF (1 Viewer)


T.Y. Hilton (groin) was held out of team drills at Colts practice Friday, and will be a game-time decision Sunday at Candlestick.

Our guess is the Colts held Hilton out of 11-on-11s with the sole intention of resting him to play against the 49ers. They're in danger of falling to 1-2. Hilton was limited in Wednesday and Thursday's practices, so it's possible Friday was a planned day off. Stay tuned for updates into Sunday. Hilton has a favorable fantasy matchup versus a beatable San Francisco secondary.

Hrm...he's in my starting lineup but I've got a bunch of other WRs (Gordon, Givens, Shorts) that could easily match his production. Damn afternoon games...

Doubt he sits, but this just reinforces my decision to bench TRich this week and keep him in reserve as my flex if TYH is a late scratch.

Still not feeling good about TY. May put Marlon Brown in instead.

Groin injuries are tough to gauge and its been pretty quiet on this with the Richardson news.

If they were playing the Eagles secondary I might give him a go, but not against the 9ers. Sitting him with confidence for Givens. GL.


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