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*** (Un)Official FBG ESPN Draft Contest Free Group (1 Viewer)



as I have done with Survivor and NFL Spread picks I went ahead and created a free ESPN Draft Contest Group.  It is just for the bragging rights so alas you won't win a boat if you go 20 for 20 

Password as usual is blackeyedjoe 

So come on in and join as you'll surely at the least finish ahead of me :boxing:

***Updated topic title to be clear this is not from FBG itself just for us board FBGs***


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It is just amazing to see what the NFL Draft has become in this country.   Unquestionably, it is the most anticipated non-sports event related to a professional sport that anyone could have ever imagined.  

It's funny to think that when the networks approached then-Commissioner Pete Rozelle about televising the draft, and he looked at them and asked "Why"?   🤣


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