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Unusual road names - whatcha got? (1 Viewer)

More town than roads, but Lancaster area of PA has some weird names.  Bird in Hand is one town over from Intercourse. Also a town called Blue Ball nearby.  I guess that's what the Amish get for not having Google.

In The Woodlands, Texas, there is a street called Morningwood Court.  Not sure how that got through the planning committee.  

And then north of The Woodlands, there's a small development that is built around lakes for fishing.  Everyone's house is up against an area where you can fish.  And all of the road names are named after types of fish.  And that's cool.  But who thought it would be all right to call one of the streets Crappie Trail.

Evergreen Terrace
Quimby Street
Flanders Street
Lovejoy Street
Montgomery Park and Burnside Street
Wayland Avenue
Terwilliger Boulevard
Dolph Street
Kearney Street
Van Houten Avenue
Monroe Street
Rainier Terrace
Seymour Street

The intersection of Long Judson and Beaver Creek about 10 miles from my house was popular for theft purposes growing up.  At one point they went a few months without replacing it.  At some point we suspected they'd just give up.  Need to take a drive next time I'm in town...

Do we all live next to each other?   :oldunsure:
So I put it into Google maps and it's actually about a 25 minute drive for me.  But it feels close because I drive that road in the summer every weekend.  Whether going to golf, going out hiking, going to little shops or up to friends.  It's pretty much my only road that gets me from where I live to up north.

Uranus Drive.  Recently in the Next Door app someone posted a headline that stated "Weird smell emanating near Uranus"   The follow on comments were quite comical. 

Poison Spider Road (west of Casper, WY)  (spiders are venomous.  unless someone got sick and/or died after eating one.  dunno) 



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