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Upgrade or Sit Pretty? (1 Viewer)

45 man roster, Dynasty Keeper League.

Scoring as follows:

1.5pts for tackle

.5 assist

1.5pts for sack

.1 sack yds

2pts forced fumble

3pts fumble recovery

.1 fumble recovery yds

1pt pass deflection

Defensive Line:

Michael Brockers

Linvall Joseph

Star Lotulelei

Haloti Ngata

Dion Jordan

Robert Quinn


Kiko Alonso

Nigel Bradham

Arthur Brown

Miles Burris

London Fletcher

Sean Lee

Jameel McClain

Brian Orakpo

Nick Perry

Demeco Ryans

Jonathan Vilma

Defensive Backs:

Johnathan Banks

Lardarius Webb

Mark Barron

Antoine Bethea

Kam Chancellor

Matt Elam

Eric Reid

Antrell Rolle

I can start 3DL-4LB-4DB or 4 DL-3LB-4DB personally I think my DL needs upgraded and Im tempted to cut Burris, Orakpo, Perry, Vilma, Webb and Banks. Interested to hear what others think

You should have posted this in the Assistant Coach Forum, not the IDP Forum. This forum is just for info regarding defensive players, not for specific questions regarding your fantasy team. Go ahead and post this over there and you'll actually generate some responses. I do agree that your defensive line needs some work, but I wouldn't cut Webb. I have no problem cutting the other guys that you mentioned, though.


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