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VBD - Consensus Projections or Single Source? (1 Viewer)

Seven Costanza

We have talked about this before, but I am struggling to implement this concept into my homemade VBD excel spreadsheet....

Many users responded that they use multiple stat projections, not just David Dodds which is the only projections included in the VBD application. I am all for using multiple sources to determine an average, but how the heck do you get around having to manually type all of the stat projections into your homemade excel schedule?????

If you just use Dodds, you can simply list the players in the same order he has and then copy and paste his latest projections into your spreadsheet.....how do you do this when using multiple projections sets that may or may not include the same players listed in the same order????

Thanks guys!!

Download the projections dominator and go through the players yourself. You will find yourself agreeing with various experts based on different factors. That is the best way to do it and the. For the players that are not as high profile you can use th average or whatever but it requires no work in excel.

You could first weight the Projections Dominator file the way you want, then import into the Draft Dominator. Then export the player pool to Excel and you would be able to do some copying and pasting.


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