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Was offered A.J. Green for Golladay. What am I missing.. (1 Viewer)


Was offered A.J. Green for Golladay so of course I quick accepted knowing there was little chance of that trade going through. Well...Yahoo let it slide right on through in a paid public league. Am i missing something here? I like Golladay a lot, but that trade isn't even close in my mind. Granted there isn't currently a huge difference in the stats.

I now have Julio, Hopkins, A.J. Green, Tyreek Hill, and Edelman. 

RB's are Mixon, Hyde, Coleman, and Mack. Obviously I should make a deal for RB. 

Who do you let go? Obvious answer to me is Tyreek and/or Edelman.

Don't know why you need to let anyone go but if you are trying to say who you should try and trade well all your wr's are tradeable for the right rb because of your strength and depth.

Julio, Green or Hill for Hunt or David Johnson.

Hopkins for Barkley.

Edelman for Mccoy or Buck Allen.

I by no means have to, but when Mixon was hurt I was only saved by D. Freeman being out. I currently have Tyreek riding the bench and seems a waste when I could improve my RB situation. I do think Tyreek's value is as high as it could possibly be currently. 

I'd say wait for one of those Tyreek gonzo games and then try to deal him while he's hot.  If I could turn him and maybe Edelman into Hunt, that would be perfect.

I'd keep hill and trade Green and Mack for a better RB.  Or include Hyde and try for an elite RB.


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