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**Washington at Detroit** (-1) (48.5) (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

Detroit is missing the interior of their OL and we hear that Swift might be on a pitch count. None of that sounds good for the run game, wonder if Goff can air it out today and be a sneaky DFS play on some tickets.
Gotta see this Washington pass attack with Wentz again this week.

Amon-Ra is the play here. TJ Hock get a bump too. Take Washington to win outright.
Lot of folks taking Washington, i always feel like teams win one lose one often to start the season or lose one then win one, lo of .500 ball in the NFL.

I think Detroit will take this one today but I don't feel like betting a big sum of money is wise today on either team which is why the spread is almost even.
After week one the talking heads have Wentz as the second coming.
I don't.

Lions- 30
Washington Team- 24
Washington has already shown even if Wentz is going FULL KARSUN WIENTS... they're gonna keep throwing. He's goign to hit on these throws, he has so many weapons out there. Lions need to keep scoring.

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