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WDIS Championship edition (1 Viewer)


Scoring 1 PPR 1 Pt per 10 yards rushing or receiving 1 pt per 20 yards passing all TDs are 6 Pts

Trevor Lawrence or Dak Prescott at QB?
WDIS start at Flex, options are (Only need 1)
D Swift RB
J Wiliams RB
T Allgeier RB
C Paterson RB
G Pickens WR
JK Dobbins RB

Leaning Dak, but I hate Thursday games with shorter rest and leaning Swift. If Williams was out, he would be a slam dunk.
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Here are my thoughts:

  • Dak/Lawrence: This is about as tough as you can get. I think I lean Dak as I don't think Tennessee plays hard and he will have a shot at a few TD's. Lawrence may not play the whole game as they are all about week 18. I could see JL getting benched for a portion of the game and it being very conservative trying to keep everyone healthy.
  • If you need upside I would go with Swift. Detroit needs to win and Bears are poop. In a PPR I think he has the highest ceiling. If you need floor I go with Allgeier. He has been playing really well and should get a lot of touches.

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