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WDIS - McDonald or Brate? (1 Viewer)

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PPR league, both are available and I haven't started a TE yet. Thoughts?

ETA: Opponent doesn't have anyone going tonight, I don't have anyone but TE left.

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Brate wasn't even targeted last week, and saw only 2 targets Week 1.  McDonald just got back into action and saw 5 targets last week.  He'd be my pick.  

I would eat the Brate. Get a good roll, some stadium mustard, maybe a little onion.

Way better than McDonalds.

I just noticed the M and B in the Milwaukee Brewers glove logo (OP Avatar) I have been looking at (variations of?) for thirty five years.  Crazy...

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Picked up an unclaimed McDonald in Summerpalooza before the game; went with Howard. 

So it's an answer, but no help to you. Hope your Brate went great!

Not enough info.  Can you post league rules, roosters, owner bios, etc.?  Then and only then can I make an informed decision.


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