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WDIS - Need 1LB and 1Flex (1 Viewer)


I need 1 lineback and 1 flexScoring is 1.25/tackle .5/assist 4/ff 5/int 1/pdJune/Kassell/Tinoisamoa/Lehman/Hamlin/N.FergusonI was thinking to just go June and Kassell since June seems to get tackles and Kassell is playing the texans. However FBGs has Tinoi ranked in the top 30 even though he hasn't done much so far. I could use either Hamlin or N.Ferguson for one of the spotsThanks

I agree, but I am impartial to LBs. Since ints are worth 5points, one of those guys could outproduce your LBs. Safe way is LB.


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