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Weather concerns week 10 (1 Viewer)

Tua does that also...Watson in bad weather sounds hectic! Better script for Dukes revenge game.. Miami game has good weather and Chargers Defense sucks

Yeah with bad options I dont bench with this weather...good options make it harder.

As I go back and forth between Rodgers and Herbert 

Leaving Chase Claypool on my bench for Curtis Samuel.

That's what I originally put in Tuesday morning as I waited to hear about Ben. Was planning on putting Chase in this morning...but now with the weather Im sticking with my original thoughts and rolling the hot Curtis


Kevin Roth✔@KevinRothWx

Current measured winds ahead of the games (sustained/gusts):

JAX @ GB: 25mph/40mph, should hold steady or increase a bit.

HOU @ CLE: 24/36, will increase.

CIN @ PIT: 9 (no gusts), will increase dramatically as the game is still 4 hours away.https://rotogrinders.com/weather/nfl

10 miles from Metlife, wind definitely picking up here, I think that stadium shieds it pretty well though, its ####### huge and you never feel wind in the seats there at least, down low

Glad I stuck with Rodgers...wish i had not trusted all the receivers and threw RoJo in instead.  Fulgham’s performance was puzzling.

And worse of the WRs i chose, Higgins was not one of them.

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