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Week 10 Injury Thread (1 Viewer)


Kupp injury looks very serious and could be a season ender. Brutal loss for the Rollers

This is why we shouldn’t do this. I prefer the Kupp be half full.​

The Athletic's Jourdan Rodrigue reports Cooper Kupp (ankle) "appears to have avoided a worst-case scenario with the injury."​

That seems to say that Kupp at least won't be out for the entirety of the season, but he could very well still be looking at a multiple-week absence. Rodrigue reminds us that there will be more testing in coming days. We'll probably get full clarity on Monday or Tuesday -- it's fantastic news that Kupp appears to have avoided the worst.


Kupp to IR, needs surgery, might not return after 4 weeks. My question, would you offer for him for next year? Is he still going to be a top 5 WR next year? Will the Rams get squared away by then? Fix their OLine?
I am out of it this year, have Higgins and Deebo who the Kupp owner might want to add for his playoff push. Is Higgins too much, and Deebo not enough? Its 14 team PPR, and we can keep players thru next year, in 2024 everyone goes back into the draft pool.

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