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Week 13 Weather (1 Viewer)


Looking pretty crummy in Green Bay as they're calling for sustained winds between 21-24 mph. What are Rodgers/Adams/Fitz owners thoughts for today?

If Aaron Rodgers was not so abysmal to average this year I would not question the possibility of benching him. I do see a lot of Jones today. Plus Rodgers is not cool with making short passes so the wind may have an adverse impact on the passing game.  I have Wentz on my bench who also has been horrible the last two weeks.  I have D. Adams (love this guy) and like Cowboysfan8 said, would not bench him if there is a tornado warning. So perhaps I play it safe with Wentz and Adams while benching Rodgers.  

I will see what others have to say before making my decision. Thanks and good luck!

Was debating b/t Rogers and Rivers but think I'm going Rivers on this news, was slightly leaning Rivers anyway. 

This always happens - there will be snow, rain, wind, sleet - and then whoever you considered benching throws for 350 and 4.

This Cards team is toast and it’s a perfect spot for Rodgers and GB to get back on track. Playing all Packers with confidence.

Well right or wrong I benched Rodgers for Wentz while keeping, of course, D. Adams active. So far, so good although it is painful to see the Packers in such a disorganized and uncertain position. 


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